I was recently wondering this, as I have heard different things on the subject.

Some seem to indicate e-cigs are completely banned (That is the impression you get at first and if you read the whole thing though, it does mention that devices are legal.), and other sources indicate that they aren’t, or that it depends on the region.

Then I have heard that you can get them with a doctor’s prescription, like medical marijuana in the United States.

I know there are a few companies that sell to the Australian demographic, and so I reached out to an associate of an Australian e-cig brand, to see if he could clarify this for me.

Here is what he said:

There isn’t going to be a country-wide ban of vaping, as far as I know it’s state-by-state (not federal/country-wide) tightening of the regulations governing the sale of hardware (nicotine is banned for sale in-country completely of course).
So in essence it’s about importation and sales, not about the legality of vaping in public.

So it seems that you can’t get nicotine for electronic cigarettes anywhere, without a prescription; only through online sales.

I will update this with anything else I find out, and keep it as brief as possible.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Banned In Australia?
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