Below I am going to list the best online stores selling vaping equipment. I will also tell you a little bit about why they are so good and what attracts me to their pages.

My reasons generally have to do with things like selection, presentation, pricing, pricing policy and customer service.

These are all American stores so you won’t have to convert from Euros or Pounds into US Dollars.

The Top Online Vape Shops Today


This website is very newb friendly with their line up of devices and website layout, with lots of great info to help you find what you are looking for, as well as educating you along the way.

You will find this site is very simple compared to many others, who have massive lines of products. Here there are some very basic devices for beginners, and then a number of nicely picked advanced devices for anyone looking to take their vaping to the next level.

 Highlights :

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 90 Day Hardware Warranty
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Refer-a-friend Program Earns You Cash
  • Loyalty Points Rewards Program (Earn Free Products!)

Save Money:

10% Off Vaporfi Hardware

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Vaporfi E-Liquid

Direct Vapor

Free shipping, very low prices, and excellent bundles make for enjoyable shopping and place Direct Vapor in my top 10 of online vape shops. The crew here is passionate about vaping, about customer service, and about educating their readers/shoppers.

I love how they create bundles which they carry next to manufacturer-specified kits. You might see a Kanger SUBVOD kit next to something the team made, usually with multiple options.

Vapor DNA

Here’s another classy online store, one which shares many of the same features as you will notice above. The website is well organized. Pictures are bright and show products clearly.

They feature the top names and lean heavily towards vape mods. One thing I especially appreciate is their organization of e juices so I can choose by brand or flavor profile; very helpful.

Mount Baker Vapor

This isn’t just an e juice store, not anymore. While their origins are rooted in own-brand e liquids, Mount Baker Vapor is a true success story. The brand is synonymous with value and vapers continue to find their first favorites here for less than the rest.

DIY e juice supplies are available. New vapers can find their first starter kit at Mount Baker Vapor too, such as an Innokin Beginner’s Kit, but they also carry items by Council of Vapor, Sigelei, Aspire, Eleaf, and others. Shipping is free once you spend $50 or more and they run a loyalty program for more savings.

My Vapor Store

I go to this store almost all the time because I love the way it is organized. It’s so simple to find something, not just within a category but within a precise sub-category. For example, if I want a battery, I can select an eGo battery or an 18650 without extensive hunting.

When I’m looking for box mods, the website organizes things so I can choose the power range and not wade through pages of 30W to 80W mods when I want 200W.

Selection is incredible and satisfies both moderately experienced and very advanced vapers with a number of user-friendly, low-powered kits as well. Plus, My Vapor Store will help customers build a kit containing every part needed to get started such as batteries, a tank, and a mod by narrowing down selection which makes for easier shopping.

Vapor Beast

This online store is among the few which posts a real human story about why the guy who founded his shop got started in the first place. I’m a sucker for the personal tale of giving up smoking, becoming a vaper, and falling in love with the industry. Vapor Beast maintains a professional website featuring excellent pricing and a ton of stock.

Their catalogue is well organized and extensive, plus they feature items that are fashionable and popular right now. Shipping is free over $35. It might not be free, but that’s a very low minimum.

Like a lot of stores listed here, there are deals to be had and ways to save even more money if you sign up for an e-Newsletter and pay attention to sales.

Vape NW

This store might be based in the Northwest, but they serve a national audience. They all have to come from somewhere and it just goes to show that California isn’t the only state where vaping is big in the culture.

Whenever I go looking for a mainstream item by a popular brand, this is one of the websites that is most likely to have it.

Their selection includes most of the hot brands: Innokin, Sigelei, SMOK, etc. I love their images and the speed of their website is good. There are tons of great sales, decent product descriptions, and numerous spare pieces including a section devoted to coils.


This store is growing with its brick-and-mortar location secure and online sales highly successful. MyFreedomSmokes of North Carolina is another one of those offering a wide selection, sensible and proven brands, plus their own e juice range which makes for affordable restocking.

Customers can also buy nicotine and other supplies in order to make their own e juice. There are numerous ways to save money plus some real bargain products always in stock for newbies to make a start with vaping.


Shop online or in person at VapeRev. They run a fun and funky website which I love to visit. It’s full of information and blog posts. The graphics are interesting and different but not distracting or overwhelming.

Organization is excellent. Pricing is competitive. Many stores attract with a particular feature; here that’s the section marked “Caravela” where customers will find authentic mods by this manufacturer. Mechanical, boutique devices aren’t commonly featured by my top 10 e-commerce vape websites.

Vape Royalty

A lot of vapers will appreciate the crossover seen here between e liquid vaping and herbal/wax vaping gear. Vape Royalty doesn’t make a strong distinction although their website is mostly devoted to advanced vaping equipment.

The site is attractive, graphically strong, individual, and selection is trendy. Customers are directed to a special section for pre-orders too, which is very handy and courteous.

The Vape Store Online

Websites can be different from the rest and still be good; still well organized. The Vape Store Online is vibrant, sets aside featured stuff and e juices; and runs an affiliate program. It is possible to make money as a vaper, not just spend it, and it’s also easy to promote products you believe in.

The Vape Store Online carries Wismec, Joyetech, Aspire, Trustfire, and others. You’ll find a few less common names, such as Dovpo, among the common brands.They make and sell their own style of US-made e juice containing USP ingredients and no diacetyl or alcohol, topped with childproof caps, and available in many flavors from the single to blends.

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