In vaping circles Blu Cigs is famous. The name is a legend, even; almost synonymous with e cigs and vaping. This brand was the first electronic cigarette many Americans tried with its characteristic blue LED light and slim size.

Blu Cigs have changed a little bit, but the ethos behind the firm has not. They aim to provide customers with quality products, altered as technology allows ways to improve batteries and cartridges, and their products are still as attractive now as ever.

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Blu Cigs Products

Like Green Smoke, Blu has also eschewed the eGo market, e liquid, and tanks. They could take the same route as Florida’s Vaporfi, but Blu Cigs (based in Charlotte, NC) has chosen to stick with their roots. Even though cartridges, batteries and chargers have improved, they are still essentially the mini cigs former smokers came to know and love.

Customers will find their product list short, sweet, and easy to navigate. It consists of 3 starter kits, disposable e cigs, and flavor packs. Their systems, however, are a little complicated. You will have to work things out: what is the Premium 100? What is a Blu Plus? Are tanks and cartridges interchangeable? They are not the same and tanks/cartridges don’t work with both of them. Take a closer look.

blu PLUS Rechargeable KitStarter Kits

Buy the Express Kit for $14.99 and receive a single battery with two tanks and a USB charger. A full Blu Plus kit sells for $42.99 with just 3 tanks but Blu says their tanks hold more e liquid than their cartridges because they do not contain filler material. Vapor production from the Blu Plus is both thicker and more consistent as a result. Refill packages contain 3 tanks too. This bundle comes with a recharging pack.

The most expensive kit is a rechargeable Premium 100 containing two Premium 100 batteries, a recharging kit, and a package of 5 cartridges (refills come in fives too). The set costs $69.95 and its charging pack offers social features. That’s where a light comes on to tell you another Blu user is nearby.

As for flavors, that’s a short list too. Try one of 7 in the Tank series: Pina Colada, Carolina Bold (limited edition), Classic Tobacco, Peach Schnapps, Magnificent Menthol, and Vivid Vanilla. Premium 100 cartridges are also available in these flavors except swap Carolina Bold for Java Jolt.

Blu Cigs doesn’t give you a milligram value for their e juice: just high, medium, and none. Buy a single pack of tanks for $14.99 but they cost as little as $11.99 each if you buy 5 or more. Cartridges cost $12.80 for single packs of 5 or $10 each if you buy five packs.

I would have to say Blu Cigs’ prices are comparable with those of many other brands. They haven’t changed their prices much over the years. They could take their lead from Green Cigs who dropped their prices last year to be more competitive in this fast and always evolving market.

Disposable E Cigs

Disposable electronic cigarettes are handy introductions to the world of vaping. Consumers don’t have to recharge anything or refill cartridges. Once they’re finished, that’s it. A single one isn’t available from Blu Cigs directly although there are over 100,000 retailers carrying their products.

At Blu Cigs, customers order one-time e cigs in packs of 4, 8, or 12 with the cost per four ranging from $31.96 (in packs of 12) to $35.96 (a single 4-pack). These disposable e cigs contain 2.4% nicotine and are available in Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, or Cherry Crush.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, how long do these batteries last? Companies advertise battery size and how long they hold a charge in various ways: here they talk about puffs per charge. With the Premium 100, you can expect to get about 150 draws. Make that 200 to 240 with the Blu Plus.

Where does the e juice come from? Back in the early days there was an association with Johnson Creek, but no such association is made these days, at least not in the writing. Blu Cigs just tells you they use juice from the USA.

A Few Additional Points about Blu Cigs

The tip of a Blu Cig is made from silicone. This is important because a metal tip would feel hard on your lips. Silicone is soft and more authentic feeling than metal too. Combine this with the more authentic draw of a Blu Plus and you could forget you were smoking e cigs except for their black color and blue LED light. Auto shipments are being offered now too.

Blu Cigs was founded by Jason Healy who remains president of the company. He’s from Australia but has lived in the United States since his teens. The Blu Cigs website is an interactive place; like a vaping social network. Although the company is also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other networks, Blu Nation invites customers to share their feelings about Blu Cigs products right on the website.

Saving Money with Blu Cigs

Here are several ways to save money with this brand. One is to order bulk amounts of cartridges or tanks. Another is to save reward points and use them to help pay for products. Shipping is always free, but volume orders are more economical anyway.

Look for coupon codes offered online. They typically pertain to particular products and many of them carry expiration dates. Finally, follow Blu Cigs on Facebook. This way you will know when flash sales and other events are taking place.

Blu Cigs
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