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Vaporfi Orbit Review

Not even two years ago, it would have seemed unorthodox for a vapor shop to sell an herbal vaporizer, as though this sort of device and an e liquid pen should occupy different parts of the vaping universe. Today’s vaper is wise to the fact that these

QuickDraw 500 DLX

QuickDraw makes a series of vaporizers for modern consumers living a smoke-free life. They promise to bring you pure vapor, peerless versatility, and unique style (quoted from the QuickDraw website). What does this mean in reality? Well, you can bet your herbs won’t burn (pure vapor, remember)


If you are looking for a dual purpose vaporizer with an excellent portfolio and money is no object, the following product might belong on your short list. It has got a lot going for it even though the price is high. I am talking about the miniVAP


The Inhalater Vaporizer is made in Montreal, Quebec, where they have been working on the formula for a perfect handheld vape a long time. Their current version — the INHO 5 — is the culmination of several years and the latest of several versions, not all of

Pax 2

Two years of reviews for the original Pax show this has been a highly successful model; one of the most coveted and top-rated of the pen-style portable, rechargeable dry herb vaporizers to come out of the big push to create mobile vaping equipment. As the market for

Mig Cigs Matrix

Mig Cigs is best known as an e cig company and they are on the fringes of this business. Big names like V2 Cigs and Vaporfi have taken the spotlight, but Mig Cigs hopes to change all that with their new multi-purpose vaporizer: the Matrix. What is

Pax Vapor

Pax Vapor is a company run by the people that brought consumers the original PAX herbal vaporizer and the PAX 2. Their history (first as Plume, now as Pax Vapor) is interesting and highlights a different reason for the invention of herbal vaporizers, one unassociated with illicit

Vaporfi Stratus

Were you going into withdrawal, thinking it had been a whole week since Vaporfi released some new gear, a new e juice series, or some other offer? Wait no longer: the latest Vaporfi gadget is on the market and it’s another herbal device. The Vaporfi Stratus A

Pax Vaporizer By Ploom

Maybe for male customers out there, aesthetics are not that important in a vaporizer. As long as it doesn’t become too hot to hold and provides good value for money, the male vaporizer customer would rather not pay for looks. He just makes sure the vaporizer isn’t