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Vaporfi Atom Review

Vaporfi is one of the most popular vaping brands for a variety of reasons. Their products are always reliable and well-made and produce good quality vapor, but more than that, the designers at Vaporfi are always looking to make innovations to their products to find new ways of

Vaporfi Orbit Review

Not even two years ago, it would have seemed unorthodox for a vapor shop to sell an herbal vaporizer, as though this sort of device and an e liquid pen should occupy different parts of the vaping universe. Today’s vaper is wise to the fact that these

FOB Herbal Vaporizer By Vaped

I was trying to figure out what the letters of FOB stood for but could not come up with a thing. Then I realized this is not an acronym but a word we use all the time. It’s so confusing to see a word out of context,

VapeDynamics Duo

The people at VapeDynamics make vaporizers that work with herbs, oils, and concentrates. They are not new to this business but have started to promote something new from their R&D department. This month they have listed what they refer to as a World’s First – the VapeDynamics

Firefly 2

The Firefly Portable herbal vaporizer is a popular device; a classy piece of workmanship and design. If you own version 1, you probably don`t see the need for a second version. Isn’t the first one good enough already? That’s the thing about innovators: they are never satisfied.

G Pen Elite

First there were the GPro, GPen, Micro G, and the GSlim. Now Grenco Science brings herbal vapers their latest innovation, the G Pen Elite for herbs. Here is what consumers can expect from this newest vaporizer by Grenco Science, a company growing quickly and gaining a place

CloudV Electro

CloudV, a vape-making company from Glendale, California, makes the sturdy portable Electro vaporizer. This $250 machine combines clean, minimalist design with functionality. The CloudV Electro is destined to win fans among wax-vapers but isn’t your best choice for a stealthy vape. Portable E-Nails What is this: E-nails?


Mighty is the right name alright: The Storz & Bickel Mighty deserves its title and reputation as a sturdy, customizable, modern vaporizer. The portable part is sometimes debatable since most people don’t just expect a device to be wireless; they have a weight and size limit in

QuickDraw 500 DLX

QuickDraw makes a series of vaporizers for modern consumers living a smoke-free life. They promise to bring you pure vapor, peerless versatility, and unique style (quoted from the QuickDraw website). What does this mean in reality? Well, you can bet your herbs won’t burn (pure vapor, remember)

Best Portable Vaporizers 2016

Vapes for herbs and wax come and go but the classics stay on page one of eCommerce sites, receiving 4 and 5 stars from consumers. Their makers realize there is no point changing something that works, but prices have also come down in some instances. Certain well-liked,