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SMOK Alien Kit

SMOK’s Alien Kit brings high-powered, attractive functionality to the economical vaper. You can’t afford to buy lesser equipment that might blow up in your face. On the other hand, $200 systems are way out of most people’s price range. SMOK has created the ideal high-powered solution with


Treat yourself to a new and improved version of the SMOK X Cube II: the SMOK X CUBE Ultra vape mod. This exciting new product from SMOK has not been released yet, but below will be an outline of what to expect. Some things will come as


The SMOK R150 is a clean-looking box mod with a smooth and soft exterior but a hard interior. A durable frame inside the outer shell of red or white protects a PCB that allows for a wide range of operational settings. It is also compatible with multiple


The newest rebuildable sub ohm vape juice tank to come out of SMOK uses a vertical build with octuplet coils. It’s their SMOK TFV8 featuring a T8-V8 heating element and taking some inspiration from the Horizon V8. This is the optimum choice for the highest wattage setting


SMOK hopes their new mod kit, the OSUB Kit, will be a great success. Of course they have high hopes, and why wouldn’t they? The whole thing fits in a pocket for mobile vaping. Here is the skinny on this slender vape mod set for experienced vapers

SMOK Knight Kit

SMOK’s sweet spot seems to be around 80 watts. They have created several vape mods with a top value of 80W like the M80, their Quantum, and now the Koopor 80W. Even though you can also purchase an R200 from SMOK, this Chinese vaping company has built


The new Smok X Cube II provides assorted high-tech elements vapers love from a brand they have come to trust. Don’t settle for a single-function mod when you can have much more. SMOK X-Cube II 160W Basics SMOK’s 160W X-Cube II is capable of variable wattage and


The latest release from China’s SMOK e cig manufacturing company has me thinking about iPhones and tablets. When does a person say “I’ll just wait for the next technological update before buying my new gear” instead of purchasing the next best thing to come along? How many

SMOK Stick One Plus Kit

The tube mod is still superior in dozens of vapors’ minds. They like to maintain the analog shape even if its proportions are way out of line with those of the smokes they used to favor. Vaping from a tube-shaped mod feels like puffing on a big


SMOK’s TF-RTA pairing, the G4 and G2 RTAs, are ideal for confident vapers who know what to do with a build deck. They are designed with DIY coil-building activities in mind and feature a number of elements to enable easy rebuilds. While the TFV4 rebuildable atomizer might