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Vaporfi Air 2 Review

For those times when smaller is better is the motto for the all new VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer. This stylish and discreet platform allows vapers of all experience levels to embark on a low-key vaping experience that retains both a healthy list of features and a

Vaporfi Pro 3 Review

Of all the Vaporfi e cigs, the Pro series might just be their most consistently satisfying. Customers usually have good things to say about it and you can’t get a 5-star rating as the result of averages. Instead, Vaporfi can honestly say their clients love this eGo-type

VaporFi Rebel 3 Review

If you have been vaping for a while, you could be familiar with the restless feeling some vapers experience. They know there is more power available; greater choice even beyond the regular APV. They have heard and read about vaping mods: those electronic cigarettes that use really

Joyetech EGo AIO

Joye continues to experiment with the self-contained mod, first introduced in the form of an eGrip, but here seen in tube shape. The Joyetech eGo AIO brings you the style of an e cig with the performance of a cloud-chasing APV. All You Need in One Place

Rebel 3 In 1

Here is another compact, pen-style vaporizer set to compete with other miniature units priced under $100. This is an affordable option although possibly one of the sleekest ones around. Shiny black plus green accents are modern, youthful, and fetching. This is a versatile device for $80 if

Sigelei Fuchai V2

Confusing the Sigelei Fuchai V2 with the original would be an honest mistake, but a dreadful one. They are so different. One is a high-output box mod; the other is a moderate-output tube mod. One features temperature adjustment; the other automatically adjusts temperature. The Fuchai operates at

Kanger Evod 2 Starter Kit

Do you ever get tired of reading about high-watt devices and vape mods for cloud chasing? It’s like someone decided ordinary vaping isn’t good enough anymore but forgot to tell you. Lots of vapers who have been doing this for years and are perfectly comfortable with APVs

Vape Pens

Is a vape pen an e cig or an herbal vaporizer? Is it a “bong” as some people call it — a device for smoking illegal substance? What do you picture when someone says “vape pen?” A number of devices were designed for multiple use, so you

Snoop Dogg BUSH | G Slim Ground Material

Pen-style vapes give consumers another dimension of vaping choice; a further method of taking their herbs on the road discretely and an alternative vaping style. They have their drawbacks these little pens, especially with dry herbs, but give the Snoop Dog BUSH G Slim Ground Material vape

Innokin Endura

Innokin markets their latest e cig pen as a beginners’ device. It’s not as small as a cigarette or a cigalike but just as simple to use. Plus, there are benefits like a longer-lasting battery and more tank capacity as compared with mini cigs. Meanwhile, the Endura