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Vaporfi Atom Review

Vaporfi is one of the most popular vaping brands for a variety of reasons. Their products are always reliable and well-made and produce good quality vapor, but more than that, the designers at Vaporfi are always looking to make innovations to their products to find new ways of

Best Portable Vaporizers 2016

Vapes for herbs and wax come and go but the classics stay on page one of eCommerce sites, receiving 4 and 5 stars from consumers. Their makers realize there is no point changing something that works, but prices have also come down in some instances. Certain well-liked,

Got Vape

Have you been thinking about buying a vaporizer? Maybe you have one but it needs to be replaced. Perhaps your current vaporizer is good for the house but a portable would be up your alley too. Got Vape sells devices for use with herbs, wax, concentrates, and

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer

Many vapers own a vaporizer for home use exclusively and a portable, rechargeable one for driving, for work, or to vape while hiking. The Vapir Rise V2 Ultimate is a home-based desktop vaporizer for sure. You plug the cord into a socket the whole time it’s in

Pax Vapor

Pax Vapor is a company run by the people that brought consumers the original PAX herbal vaporizer and the PAX 2. Their history (first as Plume, now as Pax Vapor) is interesting and highlights a different reason for the invention of herbal vaporizers, one unassociated with illicit

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

The Pinnacle Pro is a VaporBlunt vaporizer costing from $210 and up. Several independent websites carry it. Reviews look promising. In particular, watch for the Pro,” not the Pinnacle original. A few changes make the upgraded model slightly better value, but only slightly. It is still as

Pax Vaporizer By Ploom

Maybe for male customers out there, aesthetics are not that important in a vaporizer. As long as it doesn’t become too hot to hold and provides good value for money, the male vaporizer customer would rather not pay for looks. He just makes sure the vaporizer isn’t

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Even if you are not into the philosophical statements and beliefs posted on the Magic Flight website, there is plenty to love about the device. If their thoughts and visions tantalize you, that is a bonus. What a vaper really needs to know is how a device

Firefly Vaporizer

What does Firefly have in common with airlines? The narrator of videos on the website for the Firefly vaporizer sounds like the person who narrates safety recordings on airplanes; the ones where you learn not to give oxygen to children before fastening your own mask. His narrative

Dube Vaporizer

White Rhino has been on the vaporizer scene for some years, making both herbal and e cig vaporizers for the online market and general vendors. You will find their products at smoke shops and over the internet wherever good quality products are sold. The company has established