Vapers are understandably concerned about potential health issues related to inhaling vapor. Now that the novelty of being able to breathe after giving up cigarettes has worn off, consumers have started to ask hard questions.

Why should the vaping industry be any different from any other where customers are clamoring for quality; for natural, non-GMO, organic products? It’s not: there will always be a component of the vaping community seeking the highest standards of purity from their e juice. Here are the top 5 organic e juice brands for that discerning vaping sector.


As you might have guessed, there is no propylene glycol (PG) or very limited PG in the best organic e liquids. Only one firm here used PG at all but the rest make their e liquids using vegetable glycerin (VG) only. They cannot provide clients with an organic propylene glycol. As a result, all of these e juices are excellent for sub ohm units. Organic standards make for a product that won’t come cheaply but doesn’t have to be exorbitantly priced either.

The Top 5 Organic E Juice Brands

1. Kai’s Virgin Vapor

As a multiple award-winner, Virgin Vapor by Annette Rogers has earned its place and reputation. Some vendors who only carry top-shelf e liquids also carry her brand even though they are spoiled for choice and her company runs its own e-commerce site.

Virgin Vapor e juices are all made in the US using GMO-free, vegan ingredients that are free of every little surprise you don’t want to pay for: sugar, artificial colors, sweeteners, gluten, and fake flavorings. Rogers believes in full disclosure too.

VG is certified organic and USP-grade stuff. Depending on the level of nicotine you choose, the content is 98.2% to 100% organic. She also offers a line made with PG.

Virgin Vapor isn’t just organic; it’s made to lab standards under professional supervision. Her Kona Coffee Milkshake has won accolades but every flavor is a winner: Blueberry Bliss, Cherry POP!, Night Blooming Jasmine, etc.


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Coupon To Save 15% At Virgin Vapor!

2. Kind Juice E Nectars

At Kind Juice they want the world to have a transparent view of all they do. For them, that’s been a big problem with this industry; subterfuge and word spinning.

The Kind team is completely open and was one of the first organic e juice companies out there.

Try Once in a Blue Moon (blueberries), Midnight Decadence (mint chocolate), or Granny “Tart” Smith.

Kind Juice has 3 lines of vape juice:

Nectars – Original flagship line and favorite since 2013. Fruity tropical flavors and multiple award winners in each category.

Sub-Element E-Gel – Their most artistic line, these are 100% Alcohol-Free flavors and super high viscosity made for dripping.

Tobacco Ridge – Their newest line and already taking the world by surprise! Featuring NET Tobacco flavors that are brewed 2 months, aged 4 months, triple filtered, and steeped 3 weeks. That’s 6 months! These are the most premium, complex, and accurate tobacco flavors hand sourced from around the world. Cuban leaf, Canadian Burley, Carolina Burley, Indonesian Clove, Turkish Blends and more!


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10% OFF On Your First Kind Juice Order


3. Velvet Vapors

America’s Velvet Cloud e juice is made from a base of natural VG without color or artificial stuff.

Brewed by hand in micro-batches in a certified lab, their flavors are simple but special and customers around the world love them.

Monkey Leisure blends banana cream, custard, and vanillas from exotic locales.

Pink Square has the texture and flavor of a soft, squishy strawberry candy. There are lots to choose from and prices are excellent.

4. Vape Organics

Try these certified organic e juices made only from VG.

They are a newer company so who knows: one day they might make their way to the top spot. Vape Organics was the first e juice firm to use organic nicotine from in-house, organic, US tobacco.

There are no GMO ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, an artificial sweetener, pesticides, or propylene glycol.

Flavors include Mango Mystique, Melon + Tea, and Blackberry + Mint.


5. Atomic Vapor, Canada

This firm claims to be the “world’s finest” 100% VG-based organic e juice company.

They come from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada: the only non-US brand on this list.

They claim to be the first firm in this industry to release organic, 100% natural VG-based e-juice.

Their flavors are steeped but the “SUB Atomic Vapor” line is especially good for cloud-chasing (as if 100% VG wasn’t good enough for that purpose already).

They make Tutti Frutti, Blackberry, Cheesecake, and many more styles.


Should You Bother With Organic E Juice?

In the food, wine, and beer industries (not to mention pet food and more), companies feel pressure to go organic. They know that many consumers are concerned that anything non-organic is a problem for a variety of reasons.

Conscientious shoppers wonder if organic is the only healthy option, especially in an industry like vaping where there is uncertainty about health and safety. Are they onto a good thing? Should you pay more for organic e juice and do you, in fact, pay more? Is it safer by default to vape e juice made from organic ingredients? We’ll look into all of those questions one by one.

Why Organic?

Consumers favor organic ingredients because:

• they don’t want GMO products and organic is non-GMO
• GMO foods, etc. are frequently treated with pesticides
• GMO ingredients are sometimes fertilized with human waste
• organic farms are often small, local businesses of fair trade concerns

You can support an organic farm growing the ingredients used to make e juice and help a small business run by women in an exotic location provide safe employment for their sisters, aunts, and daughters. Small businesses closer to home maintaining high standards make a living without having to sacrifice their ideals when vapers and other consumers are choosy about the products they buy. Local is better for the environment creating fewer transport-related emissions.

Organic products are not treated with chemicals: pesticides leave traces of toxins in their wake. These toxins are associated with cancer and neurological conditions. GMO producers usually use pesticides which carry over to farms where growers are trying to maintain organic, safe practices.

Human waste: who can tell what’s in that? The very idea of fertilizing plants with sewage leaves a nasty taste in the mouth and is certainly contrary to organic ideals. When you say “no” to non-organic or GMO items, you usually pay more but the price buys you peace of mind and quality.

What’s That Got to Do with E Juice?

Where do the natural flavorings, nicotine, or NET (naturally extracted tobacco) for organic e juice come from if not organic farms? What about their vegetable glycerin (VG): who will grow that but an organic plantation?

Of course organic practices matter to vapers who favor organic e juice. They want to know why they should pay more and as you can see, the environment benefits (fewer toxins in the air, soil, and water), small businesses benefit, and personal safety is more secure.

Is Organic E Juice Safe by Default?

There is another question about e juice production besides the ingredients used to make it: how and where is it made? Does the company hire chemists or people trained in some kind of food or drink production and put them to work in a certified clean room, lab, or the business owner’s kitchen?

It is one thing to apply food-safe practices applicable to a catering company, but these are not the same as safe practices when mixing and bottling items for sale and storage. Expectations are different; the FDA is quite clear about what they expect from industries making jam, peanut butter, and maple syrup.

These should not be any different with e juice, but in this unregulated industry you can’t be sure. Many firms have been exposed for their less-than-professional practices. What you know as “gourmet” or “artisan” e juice is blended by someone who thinks washing his hands is ample protection for clients. That’s not saying all organic firms or gourmet e juice companies are negligent: just don’t take the matter for granted.

Some Organic E Juice Companies

Kind Juice ensures their products are 100% organic by making propylene glycol-free e juice. You can’t make organic propylene glycol (PG) and, besides, there is a lot of controversy about PG rightly or wrongly.

To keep things simple, the people behind Kind Juice just get rid of it and make a fantastic product that is great for sub-ohm vaping. You would have to say that’s a standard feature of organic liquid: it’s thick, perfect for cloud chasing.

Kind Juice uses Florida sources, so they make truly American e liquid but with exotic names like Geisha Moon Song (plum wine and jasmine flowers) and the spicy Ring of Fire tasting of Cinnamon from Ceylon.

Atomic E Juice, blended on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada, uses 100% VG as well. Their sources come from all over the world but are totally organic.

At Virgin Vapor, all flavorings are organic (third-party certified), GMO and pesticide-free, and vegan. They don’t use artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners and eschew additives of any kind. Virgin Vapor e liquids are gluten-free, use USP VG, and contain at least 98.2% organic ingredients depending on how much nicotine you choose.

Their nicotine is kosher, USP grade, 99.97% pure, and grown in the US but they don’t guarantee it is organic. Their vegetable glycerin is organic, however. As you can see, “organic” is sometimes a relative term: here it means “almost completely organic” but standards are still very high.

Vape Organics from California is a wholesale-only company operating from a high-tech facility: three ISO clean rooms run on solar power fill amber bottles made from glass with organic e juice. All of these points are important.

A certified clean room is hygienic, safe, and regulated. Solar power (like organic ingredients) is safer for the environment than mains electricity or gas. Glass bottles are better for you: plastic leaches into liquids. Meanwhile, the choice of amber glass protects liquids from UV rays. Some of their flavors are Blackberry Mint, Peanut Brittle, and Strawberry Limeade.

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