By the looks of things, vapers are freer in the UK to vape anywhere they like than they are in America. Indeed, you see people all over London and other major cities vaping unselfconsciously from mini cigs and vape mods.

It’s normal and the law will not be after you for “lighting up” in a public place. At least that’s the impression one receives from REDCIG’s website. This UK e cig firm based in London sells products developed in the UK but also boasts American customers, so their e-Commerce catalogue shows up in dollars or pounds. Don’t be shocked by how high these appear. Prices are generally higher in the UK whether you are buying cheese, toilet paper, or e cigs.

Product Assortment

All they sell at REDCIG are mini cigs and compatible accessories such as refill cartridges and chargers. They don’t get into even slightly advanced stuff like refillable tanks and replaceable coil heads, portable chargers, or even car charging adapters.

Perhaps cars in England use up too much power already with the speeds they go at and nothing can be spared for your e cig battery. All I know is that UK residents spend hours commuting to and from work, so those batteries had better last on the train if you are truly allowed to turn it on.

REDCIG DisposableDisposable E Cigs

Start here with a one-time mini cig that provides you an opportunity to feel it, taste it, and just get used to the idea of electronic vaping. No one ever said that switching would be easy (okay, lots of people do, but this might not be true for you).

Try a device you don’t have to charge or refill and try not to feel guilty. Take your empty e cig to a battery recycling facility and remember: you just vaped the equivalent of several cigarettes that did not go into landfill or fill your lungs with poison.

The price isn’t cheap: just over $10 per mini cig. Garages might sell them for less but REDCIG tastes better than many cheap convenience store disposables. If this experiment is truly going to work, you must realize that not all e cigs are created equally and they all taste a little different.

Worth $60?

Their starter kit configuration and pricing are questionable. Maybe they’re good, but good enough to charge $30 for a kit with one battery? I would never agree: it’s that UK pricing anomaly again. Vape manufacturers need more competition over there or some kind of dedicated ombudsman to stop firms charging so much (in the US sometimes too).

Even the $66.74 Deluxe Kit isn’t worthy of its price tag. That’s a 2-battery package with 2 USB chargers, a wall adapter, and 4 refills (the picture seems to show some extras too but that’s unclear). Add $30 to the price for a third battery, third USB, and get 6 refills. These are absurd prices.


It’s not like REDCIG charges $20 per pack of five cartridges to explain their costly kits. They aren’t competitively priced either: nearly $15 each. I like the flavors: coconut, two types of tobacco, menthol, cherry, apple, coffee, and vanilla. They contain up to 18 mg of nicotine and I don’t see a zero-nicotine option. You might have to build up to that employing eGos along the way. REDCIG e liquid contains NicoPure GMP standard nicotine, a regulated ingredient. Information

I really need to know more about REDCIG before I can recommend them. What size is the battery, for example? When a cartridge is attached, is the length comparable to that of a cigarette? How many milliamp hours does each battery provide after a 1 ½ hour charge?

I know the tip flashes constantly when the cell needs to be plugged in, but how long should I be vaping before that happens? I was left guessing by this website which is a typically convoluted brand page without all the details a really discerning consumer really needs to make a decision or details are tucked under the FAQ section. You should be able to read more information about e cig liquid where they list “refills,” not go searching for it.

The catalogue is really small: batteries, USB and wall chargers, and that’s it besides products listed above. I wouldn’t mind a few options like blank cartridges for refilling with e juice by the bottle, a car charger, a case or lanyard perhaps. I guess the essentials are covered and that’s what matters. A lot of vaping customers are probably sick of being faced with too much choice, so for the new vaper it’s better this way.

REDCIG also runs a reward program as an incentive to start shopping and continue shopping with them. Loyalty points go a long way if you stick with a single brand instead of splitting your cash between various e cig firms.

At first it’s wise to compare several types for performance and flavor, but once you settle on one product stick with them and use points, you earn by shopping or writing reviews about them to buy more stuff or to receive a discount. That’s the primary way to save money as a new vaper using mini cigs.

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