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The Extreme Q was developed in Canada by Arizer, a happy home for many vaporizer consumers. Canadians (especially in BC) have acquired a reputation for growing and enjoying the effects of smoking or vaporizing a certain plant, but there is much more to vaporizers than illicit herbs. They are beloved by ex-smokers all over the world who are grateful to be free of cigarettes and most of the chemicals and dangers associated with them. An Extreme Q can be used with oils or herbs.

Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerExtreme Q Vaporizer Review

They make things to last in Canada: must be the severe weather. They can’t skimp on quality. The Extreme Q is built for extreme use. Their latest version (V4.0) is even better than earlier ones for several reasons.

With every opportunity to make and release a new version of the Extreme Q, Arizer makes the device more efficient and quieter. It has three heat sensors to ensure accuracy.

Multi-Functional, Futuristic Technology

Is there anything you own that cannot be operated with a remote control? Your blinds, TV, DVD player, and car can be turned on and off, opened and shut, or locked and unlocked using a remote device.

Your Extreme Q is no different. Set it going from a distance or get up close and press buttons. You’ll be amazed at how much like hard work it seems to be pressing buttons when the remote control goes down your sofa.

To prevent this kind of catastrophe, your Arizer device is built with a special place for your remote control.

In the Box

Also included are food grade vinyl tubs, two mouthpieces, two cyclone bowls, a manual, and a glass stir tool. You will find a replacement screen, two detachable balloon systems, potpourri and oil dishes, and an aromatherapy sample. All of this will cost you $239 and believe it or not that’s cheap.

A Longing Look at the Arizer

It’s functional and even multi-functional (use it with a whip or a balloon), but the Extreme Q is more than a work horse. It looks great. This is what you would call a candle vaporizer because it is nearly a cylinder. The device reaches up with slightly angled walls from a thick base. Though black, the LCD screen is bright and blue to break up the blackness.

Digital Controls

This LCD screen is important because it shows what temperature you are at. If you think your herbs are suffering from overheating, make a note of the temperature for next time and turn it down in the meantime. If it’s hardly doing anything, you know to turn it up and where experimenting arrives in the end. Set the auto shut-off feature too so that if you walk away and forget the device it turns off after the time period you select.

Extreme Internals

The inside is made with strong, inert glass parts. Materials like this are important because they do not affect vapor flavor. Glass parts and a ceramic heating chamber also enable your system to reach a high temperature quickly: in just 2 minutes. The Arizer is corded so you can expect to enjoy consistent power and uniform vapor production.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
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