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Atmos aims to bring electronic options to herbal vapers and e cig users under one company heading. They provide assorted versions of vaping pens using rechargeable batteries to give smokers a new choice and to help consumers reduce the waste they could be producing if they kept right on smoking.

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All of those toxic cigarette butts can be replaced by a single bottle of e-juice or an herbal cartridge and batteries are recyclable at the end of their lives.

atmosecig.comAtmos Vape Pen Review: Hard to Tell

Telling you all you want to know about the Atmos is not as simple as reading their website and learning the facts. The site is unhelpful in the extreme.

If you want to know more about each model, explore their site extensively, or find a forum and some reviews that tell you more. Reviews are good and are also forthcoming about the way each model works. That should be the job of Atmos, not their customers.

The background was very dark and made staring at the site a strain. Even after turning up the brightness, reading was no picnic. I give their website a big thumbs-down for being dark and mysterious, both literally and figuratively.

As for their pens, here are the choices you have: the Nano, Optimus, and Stratus (for e-liquid) and the Lighter for herbal vapes.

A Nano Kit for $39.95 brings you a single battery, USB charger, a Nano cartromizer, and a hardcover case. There are seven colors to choose from. I would describe the Nano as a slim pen, the atomizer for which runs through the tank like a long bolt.

The Optimus X Kit is cheaper at $12.95 with a USB charger, lithium ion battery, and a cartomizer. There are a few colors and wicked or wickless atomizers. The shape resembles that of regular eGo pens.

A Stratus Kit ($39.95) comes in grey, white, or black. It contains a lithium ion battery, two cartomizers, and a generic case. It has the look of an analog-style e cig with a pinched middle giving it a distinctive appearance.

Below each pen is a place to choose cartridge colors or select how many cartridges you want to buy with your kit: 1, 3, or 5 at a time.


Atmos calls itself the #1 E Cig Company in America. How do they come to this conclusion?

Are they saying they hold the number one spot in the Americas (i.e. including Canada and South America)? Do they think they are number one and just say that to create a self-fulfilling prophecy or are there numbers to back that up? A lot of firms make a similar claim.

Cartridges at Atmos

You can buy 5-packs of only five flavors at Atmos costing $9.95 a time. The price is okay considering $11 is about average. Flavors are chocolate milk, coffee, menthol, vanilla, and tobacco. The great thing is you can also buy e liquid or e hookahs if those are not enough choices for your palate.

E Liquid and More

Juices come in 10ml bottles priced $9.95: horribly expensive. 12ml and 30ml volumes are also sold here. There are 18 flavors which, besides the ones above, are mostly made up of exotic and luscious fruits plus a couple of drinks and menthol or mint varieties.

E Hookahs are disposable items rated 600, 700, or up to 1200 puffs (the Nargila). A 600 puff e hookah costs $9.95 with choices like two types of melon, grape, lemonade, and coffee. The 700 puff version costs $19.95. I feel a misprint has been made or I have missed something, like a sign saying “two for.” Surely 1/6th more puffs does not add 100% to the bill?

Nargila flavors include pomegranate/strawberry, strawberry/kiwi, peach/pear, pineapple/coconut, and blueberry. Nargila e hookahs are priced $14.95. They sound great.


As stated earlier, Atmos makes an herbal vaporizer pen called a Lighter. This attractive, ergonomic system is rechargeable. With the appearance of a Gripper and lots of colors, this is pleasing to the eye.

To fill it with herbs, you can buy a 5ml bottle of liquid or a cartridge refill, $19.95 or $13.95 respectively. Flavors are peppermint or raspberry, but formulated for intimacy, energy, weight loss, or relaxation. All of their liquids (including nicotine juices) are made in the United States.

Atmos Vape Pen
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