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This is almost a mysterious item, the Billet Box, like an urban legend. Until you find someone who owns a Billet Box you might wonder if it really exists. It is only made on Saturdays weekly and is frequently on back order with customers ordering ahead to beat the crowd. It was first released over a year ago, but the Billet Box still possesses qualities that make it highly sought after. Uncover those here.

The Billet ModBillet Box Beginnings

The maker of this device found that, in his device-damaging job, there weren’t too many products that could stand up to the demands of his employment. He chose to devise his own product — a box that could handle a bit of rough and tumble and not require constant attention throughout the day such as messy refilling, a new battery every few hours, etc.

He came up with this box-mod made from 6061 t6 aluminum, CNC-machined and bead blasted in Utah. It has an anodized finish and carbon fiber door.

Opening the Door

Here’s one of the neatest features of the door: it slides neatly on and off without missing a beat; there’s no rattle or stiffness. It opens and shuts every time, no problem. The only thing better is a magnetic door, but one might argue that’s not better; just different.

Doing Justice to E Juice

There’s a ball bearing in the Billet Box which comes down to be refilled with e juice as you want. Plug in the end of a syringe bottle, add the juice you want, and let it go back into place ready for your mouthpiece. There’s a 510 connection which is flexible to accept any 510 mouthpiece.

Speaking about this e juice system, a few people don’t like it. They find it more hassle than re-filling a tank as usual. You’ll have to decide that for yourself. All materials used to make the tank are FDA-approved; everything but the e liquid.

The Billet Box Mod

Powered and Ready

The Billet Box, priced $179, uses two 16340 batteries: nothing else. They have to be 16340s and they fit snugly. There’s no rattle; no room for anything to get flung out by mistake.

That’s decent power; enough for a day, probably, unless you vape constantly hour upon hour.

Accept a Few Scratches

After it’s been used a little while, you will start to notice scratches all over the box. It is not made from scratch-resistant stainless steel. This is a vape designed to be used and, arguably, abused. Vapor production isn’t changed any by a few dings and nicks.

Paying the Price

Although a fee of $179 is high considering the Chinese DNA box mods on the market right now, think about this: Billet Box sells these without going through a distributor to keep the price low. One must always remember the result of buying mass-produced Chinese products. Their quality is sometimes questionable and buying them deprives an American company of employment and wages.

It might be a simple product, but the Billet Box is American through and through. Enjoy that fact while you vape on the job.

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