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For about $80 to $100, a smoker could switch his single-use cigarette for a multi-use, long-lasting vaping pen. Several devices have recently joined the online market, designed to resemble electronic cigarettes.

The Budy Pen by Vaporite is a portable, discrete, light vaporizer for use with tobacco and dry herbs. The Budy Pen can also be used with concentrated wax oils and costs around $80 if purchased directly from Vaporite.

The Budy Pen 3-in-1

A price of $80 is decent for a portable vaporizer, but what if you wanted to buy it with additional tanks? As it comes, the Budy Pen looks much like a pen with a metal-coated tank that hides the heating element. Consumers know materials are being heated up because the atomizer is creating vapor, but they cannot see the process.

In place of the covered tank, customers might wish to buy glass ones so they can view the process, but to purchase these individually would usually add a considerable cost to the kit. As a kit, the Budy Pen 3-in-1 provides excellent value: $119.99 with the full pen and two clearomizers.

One is the standard slim shape while the other is a bulb. To buy them separately, one must find them with the correct threading and possibly pay extra. A 3-in-1 kit removes the hassle.

More Features of the Budy Pen by Vaporite

The Budy Pen comes in green, black, blue or metal. A kit comes with five glass screens, a cleaning and packing tool, USB charger, ceramic screen, and a mouthpiece.

Your screens will be replaced regularly, but clean this device even more frequently to ensure your herbs taste like they should and to prevent clogging which could lead to overheating.

Glass and ceramic materials used in the design of this device maintain a clean flavor when users vape, where metal chambers might taint the flavor. Customers will find the flavor from their Budy remains natural, which will be a surprise after being used to burning cigarettes that taste like a combination of tobacco and toxins. Heating this pen takes just seconds.

The Budy Pen vs. Competition

At Vaporite, while describing their Budy Pen, the makers suggest that some claims about vapor pens are false. Other companies are not truly vaporizers, by which one might assume they refer to the tendency of some devices to burn materials. The Budy is designed to protect against combustion so that it remains a vaporizer only and never turns into an electronic cigar.

Where to Buy the Budy Pen

The Budy Pen 3-in-1 is available from Vaporite, but this company sells their products through authorized dealers as well. The positives of purchasing products at one of these websites include taking advantage of possible sale prices, receiving extras like a free grinder or free shipping, and having a place to buy accessories (namely oils and herbs) to go with your device.

Vaporite carries hardware and accessories on their meager site: they appear to spend more time developing vaporizing products than managing a user-friendly or attractive web page.


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Budy Pen 3-in-1
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