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Vaporizer pens have become a popular type of nicotine delivery system. They use the same formula each time (if three or more vape pens look the same, their shells are identical, made by the same manufacturer who just slaps on a new logo for the individual company). Cloud Penz is generic-looking, but there must be more to what they sell you than just generic vapor.

Internally, they should feature some differences: they can, particularly in the way of atomizers. But how this affects various models and any other difference between models are questions you want answered. I am not here to encourage you in this Cloud Penz review. How can I? The company left me feeling like something was missing.

CloudPenz.comSomething IS Missing

That something was information. Oh, and someone stole half of the shirts some girls on the website are wearing, but they are not letting their semi-naked state get them down. These courageous girls went ahead and did their job, putting a brave face to their suffering; enticing viewers to the site with their bare midriffs.

When a company feels the need to sell its products by selling the female form, one begins to wonder what went wrong. If they have to use distraction, there are flaws in the device somewhere.

With every attempt to learn more about their products, I faced an empty page. I wanted to know what kind of coil they use in the atomizer they have adopted for their vape pen (aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium). All I saw were colors: lots of colors and fresh patterns and trendy designs that cost more than simple shades of green or blue.

I saw collaborations with people like Frank 151 and Dr. Greenthumb. You actually pay more to buy a white pen with a literal green thumb print over the button than to buy a simple white vaporizer for wax. That’s ridiculous when the price is already too high.

What Can I Tell You about Performance?

At another site I saw the starter kit listed, described, and photographed beautifully. It was described well by the writer so I learned more from him than from the vendor. This writer showed a zipper case with places to put everything, including a Skilletool (dabber the viewer can purchase separately) and a USB charger. You get essentials; everything but wax.

So Pricey

Prices range from $79.99 to about $120 with each device looking much the same as an $80 Cloud Vapes pen: pretty, no doubt, but not worth $100 to $120 for the limited edition ones from what I can tell, so you’re paying for a name.

Version 2.0 is better than its former self, probably owing to the newest available atomizers which heat up more efficiently without burning products or allowing waxes to leak. These are sold separately for $19.99 and come in two formats. They enable the Cloud Penz to heat up instantly.

Accessories for Cloud Penz

You can buy the pen with its enclosed cartridge or buy a bulb. Bulbs are made to look like bubbles, a curve, a skull, or in the globe style of a Cloud Atlas Bulb. Each one, costing $34.99, is made of glass, ceramic nichrome, and stainless steel to ensure a clean-tasting experience. I do not mind paying $34.99 when the materials are of such fine quality while globes, etc., are simply a lot of fun to use when you are by yourself or with other vapers. Bulbs are easy to clean too.

What if You Already Bought a Cloud Penz Vaporizer for $120?

I am sorry to say that if you bought the Cloud Penz vaporizer for $100 or more, then you just have to live with that decision until the battery runs out. That won’t take forever. Batteries last for only so many cycles and although these ones last a full day to two days every time you charge them, they can become damaged if you do not clean them properly or simply run out of steam after 6 months or so. It will not be long before you are in the market for a new vaporizer pen.

At that time, you could invest in an $80 starter kit for the Pro Series 3 3-in-1 vaporizer by V2 Cigs or the Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 variable voltage battery plus a compatible herb or wax atomizer. You’ll pay less, get a digital read out, and will enjoy excellent vapor production with temperature control.

A Cloud Penz Review

As far as vapers are concerned, the Cloud Penz is an excellent product. This firm (located in Orange County, California) does not have to worry over the price too much: it’s tricky to buy a good device and get the warranty when price is your top priority. Cloud Penz knows that, and so do clients who happily drop $120 and think they’ve done well since the Firefly costs $250. Companies that will sell you these and similar elliptical devices for $40 might not be reputable. That’s why you avoid the lowest price unless you know the vendor to be excellent.

Wrapping it Up

The Cloud Penz should provide excellent vapor and intensity. Its size allows you to carry it discretely in your pocket or your bag, but the colors are not exactly stealthy. Trippy Happy is finished in a tie-dye pattern. Lemon is bright; Honey Drip is stylish and original.

When you take out the Cloud Penz, people are bound to be curious. It’s the same with Trippy Stix or the Grenco Science Snoop Dogg G-Pen. People like looking at it and they wonder what you have there.

It is like a tattoo. People look at it until they work up courage to ask what the tattoo signifies, why you got it, and so on. Cloud Penz vaporizers will have the same effect, garnering attention from various sectors, including people who never thought a vaporizer could be beautiful.

Cloud Penz
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