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Glendale, California, is home to Cloud Vapes, a vaporizer company that makes an award-winning, efficient, easy-to-use product. Although Cloud Vapes pens are practical, they are also aesthetically satisfying. Buy one online and find out for yourself.

Cloud Vapes PensCloud Vapes Review: the Brand Catalogue

Their selection looks extensive but all of those “items per page” include several colors of the same three styles of vaporizer. One is the original Cloud Vapes pen, another is their updated version, and one third device vaporizes e liquids. Vaporizers are sold in various colors to suit the reserved or the bold personality.

About the Cloud Pen

This slim oval device is easy to empty, clean out, load up, and turn on. For about $80, customers receive a retractable USB charger, tool, the battery piece, and atomized cartridge. Built into your mouthpiece there is a window to show how much of your materials remain.

Pundits recommend that $80 is an excessive price; that even the better atomizer does not justify a price like this, although this is what customers are probably going to pay. Most people are unaware of how cheaply these are made and the mark-up being added to prices at the vendor’s end.

Better Heating Coil

Older versions of the Cloud Pen heated up more slowly and were less efficient than the latest Platinum Atomizer Cloud Pen. As I read their website, at first it did not make sense that what appeared to be the same item in various colors should cost $69.99 or $79.99, but the latter is their new model. It has a Platinum Tornado atomizer, the latest and best sort for excellent clouds and intensity.

The Classic is cheaper because it uses the old atomizer which, though a vast improvement on some older vaporizers, is useless by comparison with the Tornado. If you are going to spend too much to buy the Cloud Pen, at least add another $10 into your budget and pay for efficiency.

A Great Battery

Your Cloud Vapes battery will charge quickly and then last for an entire weekend after you charge it. It is the shape of an ellipse and small enough to conceal in your hand. Compare this with the ordinary charge a portable vaporizer can manage: maybe 4 hours at best. At the business end there is a mouthpiece with a window.

Cloud Liquid

This $35 pen works like any regular e cig from Kanger or an Inferno by Volcano E Cigs. It’s sleek, but not original. Its shape is slightly altered, the clearomizer forming a mini wine carafe with a slightly flared top portion. The atomizer strikes right through the middle. It’s easy to load and wickless so there are no wicks to replace, to become slimy, or to dry out and burn.

Speaking of Atomizers

According to vaporizer sales people, there is a standard shape and style to elliptical handheld vaporizers because they are all the same thing, made in China, and labeled with a company name. If you are looking for something original, this won’t be it. Cloud Penz sells another similar item and there are loads of others adopting this.

The atomizer contains a screen to protect materials from the heating element. This should prevent you from burning your aromatics, but will allow hot air to move all around and through your products.

Rating the Company

As I said before, Cloud Vapes has won awards from industry professionals so you can trust their products to be generally worthy of your attention. They seem to have sorted out the biggest problem faced by vapers: burning. Cloud Vapes is also a good company in its own right. The business seeks to provide complete satisfaction to customers through their sales of high quality products and the provision of excellent customer service.

In the end, customer service will carry a good company further even than the business that doesn’t answer phone messages and emails but is busy designing the ultimate vaporizer.

Other Portable Vaporizers

Now that you have taken a look at what $80 will buy, ask yourself if, for twice that price, you could own the very best herbal vaporizer. Probably not: the absolute best vaporizers cost more than $200 (like the Ascent by Davinci, the Pax by Ploom, and the Firefly.)

Prepare to pay for a device that provides sufficient space between the heating chamber and element to truly convey heat rather than directly heating products. I sense this could be a problem with all tiny mods and distrust materials purchased for so low a price. Is there plastic in here? Plastic can frequently overheat, releasing toxic fumes and an offensive aroma. You wouldn’t want to inhale it.

Also, how does this unit change power and temperature? There is a button to press, but no lights that correspond to temperature. Better pens might be the upcoming Pro Series 7 or 9 by V2 Cigs, which allows consumers to change voltage manually. The Pro Series 9 will show values on a screen. (At present, they have released the V2 Pro Series 3 pen, the first of 3 products in the Pro Series line).

Online Sales

You are going to find Cloud Vapes products online, although it is possible they will feature in vaporizer stores also. Online sales save you from the hassle of taking a drive to a Glendale store when you are miles out town, and shipping is free if you can manage to spend more than $59.99 on products.

If you are hunting down a lower-priced vaporizer, be sure of what it is made of. It’s probably that generic case: the same used to make the Cloud Vapes vaporizer pen. What type of atomizer is inside of it? This tiny portion of the bigger unit makes a big difference.

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