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If the Da Buddha looks familiar, that is because it is basically a Silver Surfer Vaporizer without the tilt. Both items are made by the same company — 7th Floor — using mostly the same materials. Like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, a Da Buddha package can be extensively customized so that the starting price is more than doubled by the time you are finished.

First Customization

There are just two colors available for a Da Buddha: silver and black. The silver Da Buddha costs $190. Have it powder-coated black and you have to add $20. There are no engraving options as found on the Silver Surfer page so that keeps things simple. You can’t even ask for a blue one.

Additional Costs

Change the voltage from 120 to 220 volts and that adds another $20 to the cost. Customers presumably come from all over the world since there are several “pin” configurations available.

Choose to add a vapor tamer which cools vapor before it arrives at your mouth. A curling tube inside a bulb does the trick and there are two sorts. Select the more expensive one for over $120 or $110 for the cheaper one.

Buy a bag for the tamer and your price climbs some more. By the way, shipping is not free.

Select the type of wand you want: clear or colored for another $2.50 or $3.50. Add a colored knob of blue or black in place of the aluminum one. Pay $15.

If you get carried away adding optional extras (of which there are more), your final price (before shipping) could be $433.49. At the beginning it looks like a much cheaper version of the Silver Surfer for a reasonable $190, and it still could be. All of these extras are completely optional. Your kit comes with everything you need to start vaping.

Da Buddha VaporizerDa Buddha Vaporizer Review

That kit includes the clear wand, an easy-change glass screen, a ceramic heater, padded travel bag, three extra screens, and a 3-year limited warranty. In place of dramatic engravings, each item is etched with a fat Buddha. You get excellent vapor production and an easy-to-use model, but it will have to sit on your table.

The Da Buddha only works when plugged into an electrical outlet, but that’s not a problem. A lot of consumers own a stationary vaporizer and use it independently or with friends. Some people own a tabletop item and a portable vaporizer as well. Even when you own multiple models, vaporizing is cheaper than smoking.

What are the Benefits of Vaporizing with the Da Buddha?

Not a lot of companies have laid it on the line like this: vaporizing cuts down up to 90% of the carcinogens and tar associated with smoking. This is a brutally honest statement which says two things: vaporizing is healthier than smoking, but vaporizing is not entirely healthy either.

Up to 20% of tar and carcinogens remain. It is not a harmless pastime; just better than cigarettes. That is why consumers must not confuse electronic cigarettes with vaping, which completely eliminates tobacco, although not necessarily nicotine.

But vaporizing, like vaping e cigs, is also cheaper, especially when you buy a really good model that will outlast cheap impostors. As they remind their readers and customers at 7th Floor, burning tobacco eliminates a lot of the material without the smoker getting any use out of it.

A number of companies forget to make these points as though they will lose a few people with the facts. Select a better model like the Da Buddha and your materials will not catch on fire. That is the main difference between efficient and cheap devices: the potential for combustion despite your best efforts to avoid it.

Negatives of the 7th Floor Da Buddha

Remember: Da Buddha is very much like the Silver Surfer Electric Candle. Whereas the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is tilted, the chamber in its counterpart is horizontal. A few people do not like that. They find the tilted chamber more effective and easier to use. The heating element is a strong performer, but a Silver Surfer is better if you can afford it. A Silver Surfer Vaporizer is more attractive overall, but only because you can add images on several places along the cylinder.

An American Company

7th Floor is an American company making their products out of American and foreign pieces but assembling them on home soil. That means jobs for local people. They sell their products online via their own website but also through reputable dealers. Aside from eBay, you will be able to buy their Da Buddha and Silver Surfer from a variety of dealers in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

A great reason to shop at these sites is that they usually feature customer reviews. Find out what consumers are saying. There is plenty of discussion about Da Buddha online with trouble shooting commentary, comparisons between models, pros and cons, but mostly gold stars for Da Buddha.

Da Buddha Vaporizer
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