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Davinci makes its eponymous “Davinci” vaporizer and the Ascent, a classier vaporizer. It is the one people think of when someone mentions the Davinci vaporizer and among contenders for the most stylish and high-quality vaporizer products in the portable market.

Davinci AscentThe Davinci Ascent Review

Designers are devising new and unusual ways to make vaporizing discrete and sometimes fancy. Though pen-style vapes are popular and inexpensive, they have small tanks and resemble e cigarettes. Not everyone wants that.

Moreover, designers of handheld vaporizers have the option to create something that looks like a cell phone, which is just what the Ascent will remind you of: a cell phone covered in Burl wood or skulls.

It’s still stealthy in one sense, blending in with the other items in your bag, but it stands out too because of its good looks. Customize your style by choosing a marbled effect, a symmetrical pattern, a different color, or some other lovely option using a wrap.

Charisma Costs

An Ascent is priced about $249 without the wrap, but the consumer enjoys a significant advantage in that the airway is glass on glass. There is no plastic to interfere with the smell and flavor of your herbs. A starter kit arrives with two mouthpiece stems and two internal stems, all four items made of glass. There are two glass oil jars and a carrying satchel to protect the mouthpiece and prevent scratching.

Although the Ascent chamber is made from ceramics, it is glass-lined. The chamber opens out on a swivel hinge at the bottom. Add your herbs or oils to that portion of the device. At the top is a mouthpiece which can be used in two ways. Pull out the straw for greater comfort or push it back in.

On the outside is a blue against black OLED screen showing what temperature you have arrived at: it is large and easy to read. Your battery life is also indicated here. Press a button to activate or deactivate the heating chamber. Set the motion sensor by selecting an amount of time after which, when left untouched, your device will automatically switch off (signified by a “clock” icon). Users can also set the chamber to achieve a particular temperature for a period of time.

As mentioned above, this is a dual-purpose device for use with wet and dry ingredients. Without burning materials, it allows the user to enjoy a flavor he truly enjoys with fewer of the unpleasant side effects than smoking causes. In particular, there will be no smoke: only aromatic vapor.

Wireless and Small

In spite of all these features, Davinci has managed to create a tiny device which fits into the palm of your hand. Technology is always becoming smaller, enabling manufacturers to ensure safety without compromising on comfort. This light vaporizer is made from materials that are heat-safe such as plastics, which will not create gas, medical grade silicone, and lead-free soldering.

Your power source is a built-in lithium ion battery. It charges quickly before providing about 45 minutes of vaporizing time or more according to some consumers. That is plenty long for a “smoke-break” at work.


Davinci Ascent
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