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Davinci is the maker of two vaporizers: the Davinci and Ascent. Their Ascent is probably better known simply because of its classy shell and boardroom looks. Give the Davinci Vaporizer another look, though: it costs less and is an excellent product.

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This isn’t a pen vaporizer but is not a tabletop item either. It is portable and somewhat stealthy: you could easily mistake it for a walkie-talkie, thanks to the small box-like shape and mouthpiece that sticks up like an antenna. Like a walkie-talkie, the Davinci uses rechargeable batteries, but the only thing it will do from a distance is communicate wonderful aromas. People nearby could very well smell them and come into the room to find out what you are doing.

Green Davinci VaporizerLooks and Performance

There are three colors of Davinci: black, green, and grey. Each one costs $199.99. Consumers will appreciate its small shape and soft edges, but not necessarily its 1.4-hour battery life.

That’s not especially long, though you might expect that for a portable vaporizer. To remain light and pocket-sized, its battery cannot take up too much space, but keep another charged and handy.

Non-leaded soldering prevents the possibility of inhaling toxic chemicals as hot air passes through. The chamber is made from 304 Stainless Steel: clean and a good conductor. The outer frame was designed from medical-grade silicone which contributes to its lightness and also its ability to stay cool.

The Davinci does not come with a case: it does not need one. A case is especially useful for keeping the mouthpiece clean, but internal storage looks after that. Just be sure not to scratch the LED screen which displays your temperature.

Davinci Vaporizer KitIn a Starter Kit

Each kit for the Davinci is packaged with a cleaning brush because you need to keep this thing clean. It’s the same with all vaporizers.

Regular cleaning is imperative to keeping it running for six months, a year, and beyond. There is no reason to expect your $199.99 vaporizer to give up the ghost after just a few months so long as you look after it.

The kit also contains a wall charger, flexi straw (the mouthpiece), 3 large replacement screens and 6 small ones, 2 oil cans, and 2-year warranty. That’s a really good warranty, by the way. Some firms offer 3 years, but others provide just 1 year or even 3 months. You can vape dry blends or oils: an added bonus.

Extras for the Davinci

A car charger is not included in this set. Buy one from Davinci for $19.95. That’s a high-priced car charger. Perhaps you can find out if another model sold for less will be compatible with your device but work equally well. Proprietary charges tend to be pricey.

Quick Review

The Davinci gets excellent ratings. Customers find their unit easy to use, which is essential. Complicated machinery is a barrier between consumers and their new healthier way to enjoy wonderful aromas and flavors. If one brand is complicated, there are plenty more that make it easy to vape essential oils and herbs.

One problem a customer noticed was a slight smell. He still loves his vaporizer and gave it high marks, but the smell had to be noted. Silicone tends to smell. Sometimes stainless steel can leave a metallic taint in the air. If it is not enough of a smell to disturb your vaporizing, don’t worry about it. The Davinci tends to stay clean where other units clog up quickly, which probably contributes to its overall efficiency.

Also from Davinci

Davinci makes the Ascent, a $249.99 investment for the vaper who likes a professional look. The Davinci is functional, but a Burl Wood Ascent belongs against a mahogany desk where a large, comfortable chair of real leather is pulled up to a glass of aged Scottish Whiskey. This one will not leave the same taint in the air with its glass-on-glass composition. Glass is neutral and clean. This battery has a 3-hour life. Besides Burl Wood, Davinci offers the Ascent in three other versions.

Comparing Brothers

An Ascent is the big brother: it costs more and lasts longer; more sophisticated and better known. That being said, many vaporizer customers will prefer his relaxed younger brother with his practical but clean looks and lower price. Both of them come from a reputable company and can also be purchased from distributors. If you are out of luck at Davinci, check out an authorized dealer where you can still receive the same price and possibly some extras, like a free gift.

Davinci Vaporizer
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