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The E-LVT box mod, made by Chinese company Dovpo, is a highly masculine device for the active individual — a boy’s toy. While certain e cig products have the bling to suit feminine vapers (like those Swarovski crystal eGos and slim batteries colored rich purple), the E-LVT has the look of a high-tech toy for someone who still loves the Transformers. Here are the specs you need to help you decide if the E-LVT box mod is a good deal and suitable for your everyday vaping needs.

E-LVTFor Men Who Work Hard

Say you do a job that takes you outdoors a lot, possibly working with heavy machinery or at an industrial site. In this case, your e cig is bound to fall now and then and not on anything soft: perhaps onto rocks, tree stumps, or under the wheels of a forklift. Other e cigs broke when this happened.

If accidents happen with the E-LVT box mod, there is a good chance your e cig will still be working and might just need to be dusted off before you fire it up again. There is no guarantee your atomizer will be intact, especially if it was attached to a glass tank, but the e cig itself is made form a zinc alloy and rubber which makes it just about bomb proof. The E-LVT is actually dust proof, water resistant, and shock proof. No one has tried subjecting it to high explosives.

Good in Emergencies

A lot of Americans have an emergency plan. Part of their daily routine is to make sure everything is charged, they have bottles of fresh water at the ready, and that there is always a flashlight in their package of emergency items or near it.

The E-LVT box mod will be at your side much of the time so it will not go into that parcel of emergency supplies, but it will act as your flashlight and emergency charger if the lights go out and you need to do something as mundane as find candles and matches in the dark, locate a fuse box, or charge your cell phone when every other power source is dead. The E-LVT acts as a power bank for other devices.

Technical Specs

Turn the E-LVT on and off with three fast clicks. The screen will turn on to show you the voltage and a light will indicate how much battery power you have (the lights are color-coded). Set it from 3 to 6 volts by increments of 0.1 and 3 to 15 watts by 0.5 watts at a time, but choose just one function to adjust. Selecting watts is often considered better as this enables your device to automatically choose an acceptable voltage level to match the resistance of your atomizer’s coils. Many vapers prefer to adjust wattage wherever possible.

With a 510/eGo connection, any standard tank or atomizer will fit onto the E-LVT. This is sold separately as is the 18650 battery that goes with it. When buying this item in blue or grey, check the price against contents. Without any extra parts it costs around $60. You might find that a higher price includes a charger and battery.


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