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The Easy Vape 5 is what consumers would call a hands-free box mod. In vaporizer lingo that means you are vaping aromatic materials from a box-shaped device without using your hands. If you thought those terms meant something complicated they don’t. Vaporizers are really very simple machines.

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Easy Vape 5 Digital VaporizerThe Easy Vape 5 Digital Hands-Free Vaporizer Review

The Easy Vape 5 is one of those tabletop mods that winds up on a lot of “top-sellers” lists and is carried by companies that insist on selling only quality products. It is digital, which is excellent because digital technology is more accurate than analog temperature controls. The difference could be small, but you notice a few degrees’ differences in your vapor.

Easy Hands-Free Technology

A hands-free vaporizer features a ground glass connection. There is a seal between the heat cover and the wand so that the wand does not move around and lose the vapor connection when you want to read a book or knit while vaping.

An Attractive Box

It might be a box, but the Easy Vape 5 is an attractive one. It comes in four colors: silver, blue, black, or red. You can easily coordinate it with kitchen or living room décor.

An LCD screen is easy to read and adds to the high-tech simplicity of design. There are 5 buttons for use controlling the temperature, fan speed, and programming your device.

Features of the Easy Vape 5

Inside you find a ceramic heater. Ceramics are inert so they do not influence the flavor of your vapor. Ceramic heaters achieve their temperature quickly and retain it quite well. Quick heating is proudly advertised as one of the mod’s high-tech features.

There is a stainless steel screen and a glass mouthpiece. Although glass and ceramics are the best materials because they are neutral, stainless steel is excellent too and better than plastic. Like the ceramic chamber, glass is inert. You will not taste plastic on every inhale.

Your Easy Vape 5 comes with an 18-mm glass wand, several feet of surgical grade tubing, and has a 6-ft power cord for plugging into the wall. In other words, you do not have to go the vaporizer; it comes to you.

Buying the Easy Vape 5 Hands-Free Box Mod

There are pen-style vaporizers more expensive than the Easy Vape 5. Buy it for $70, and that’s a price from reputable dealers. You won’t get an empty shell in return for saving money. The Easy Vape 5 is reliable and durable. Expect it to last you for hundreds of puffs.

Easy Vape 5 Digital Hands-Free Vaporizer
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