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What does Firefly have in common with airlines? The narrator of videos on the website for the Firefly vaporizer sounds like the person who narrates safety recordings on airplanes; the ones where you learn not to give oxygen to children before fastening your own mask.

His narrative tone lends the website even more professionalism than it already possesses, as though you are listening to a documentary. You might find yourself likening the visual presentation to that of a car manufacturer showcasing the latest model of race car. Even before reading more about the device, you might be convinced that you have to buy the Firefly.

Firefly VaporizerFirefly Vaporizer Review

What is the Firefly? This is a personal vaporizer, the kind that takes loose dry herbs and tobacco and extracts vapor from them.

Complex engineering and design by intelligent minds has led to the creation of a device anyone can use without difficulty. The unit is elegant in dark grey, red, or silver and small enough to fit into the size of one’s hand.

The mouthpiece is a shallow rectangular piece made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel-plated metal. This is a clean way to vape and an ideal alternative to cigarettes.

Heating the Herbs

How does a vaporizer stop itself from causing herbs to light on fire, turning an electronic device into a pipe? There are two features that control heating. The Firefly keeps herbs and the heat source separate so combustion is almost impossible. Heat flows through the herbs from several directions.

Secondly, the Firefly uses Vapor Surfing Control. The maximum temperature is 400F but there are several stops in between which might be better.

Heat your herbs to the maximum temperature by pressing the button for 10 seconds. That is all you have to do. To reduce the temperature, release your hold on the button before 10 seconds are up.

After playing with this feature for a while, you will know how many seconds to hold the button to get the best results from particular herbs according to your preference.

This device allows full customization without being loaded with buttons and features. You can even see the heating chamber glowing through a screen without burning yourself.

Refilling the Firefly Vaporizer

When you want to take the vaporizer apart, remove the lid which is magnetically fastened to the device. A small container takes herbs up to the brim, but do not pack them down. They need air to circulate around them.

Cleaning the Firefly

A vaporizer will work very well at first and then seem to lose its efficacy after a few sessions, but there is often a very good reason for that. Clients must clean their vaporizers regularly.

When they do not clean their device, the vaporizer can overheat or the flavors and smells might be tainted with the stale remnants of whatever was loaded into the chamber previously.

A starter kit for the Firefly comes with a cleaning kit so consumers can get into all the necessary nooks.

Buying a Firefly Kit

Buy your starter kit for about $270. It comes with a charging adapter, battery, cleaning supplies, and a carry bag. Firefly’s website also features accessories such as replacements for the cover.

Since this part fastens magnetically, no assembly is required to replace your old one if you lost it. Only purchase your device from an authorized dealer to obtain the full warranty.

Firefly Vaporizer
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