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The internet is full of hype about G Pens, thanks to their association with Snoop Dogg. If it were not for him, would anyone even know about or care about G Pens?

Theirs are not the cheapest devices on the planet, though they look good. Call to mind an eGo electronic cigarette and you have some idea of their appearance.

Available For Online Purchase At:

grencoscience.comWhere to Find G Pens

A G Pen can be purchased from Grenco Science, maker of these devices, and also on many mainstream sites. They are listed at eBay, Amazon, and more.

It’s not hard to find one, to locate reviews, or to compare prices to your advantage. The only thing you must always remember is that if you buy a pen from someone other than the manufacturer, the warranty might not be that great.

Dried Herbs or Oils

If you read various write-ups, confusion awaits you: are these pens for dry herbs or wet? There is a subtle difference between devices, the point being that you can probably do either with the correct device. Those are sold separately, but a kit contains cartridges.

For anyone who is new to vape pens, especially those intended for use with herbal materials, oils, or waxes, the path is unclear. Even if you are familiar with vaporizing devices, this one is more like an electronic cigarette and that changes the state of play.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Starter KitStarter Kits from G Pen

Several starter kits are listed, including travel kits and a Double-G kit inspired by Grenco Science business partner Snoop Dogg. His G Pen is covered in a map of Long Beach which, by the way, makes for an attractive geometric design. $99.95 buys you one battery, a tank, AC adapter, USB charger, three cleaning tips, a brush, and two glass sleeves. If there is a good reason for that price besides the Snoop Dogg association, this is not clear on sight, so it would be great if Grenco Science took time to explain their strategy.

Use the Snoop Dogg pen with dry herbs only. We will not get into the possible choices of herbs too much except to say that regular tobacco is one of them.

Grind tobacco leaves, tamp them into the cartridge loosely, and heat them to release their vapor and nicotine without smoke, ash, or poisons (aside from nicotine, which still carries the same dangers whether vaped or smoked). As far as I can see, Grenco Science does not sell herbs or liquids.

I wanted some explanation about how to assemble the parts, but I think the glass tube goes over your tank. Note that no herbs are supplied, just the tank. Activate your pen by pressing the side button which contains an LED light to tell you when it is ready to use. The mouthpiece is flat, not pinched and narrow like a hookah mouthpiece or stem.

G Pen For OilsAnother G Pens Starter Kit

Another kit featured on the site is designed for oils. Grenco Science kindly posts a short video showing how to use it, but I think I blinked when they showed juice being added. It appears to be dripped from the top. All you have to do is unscrew the mouthpiece and aim carefully.

Most juices come with dripping attachments, but if they do not, you can add one or transfer liquid to a drip-tip bottle. If you do not know where to find herbal juice, Atmos sells relaxing, energizing, and even weight loss e-liquids for use in herbal vaporizers. Vape World also carries assorted herbs.

A regular G Pen without a map on it (which is only useful if you are visiting Long Beach anyway or the area holds some sentimental association in your heart, otherwise it could get you lost) costs $79.95 with necessary accessories like cleaning tips, a coil, two glass containers for your vaping materials, and charging devices.

What Will You Think of G Pens?

The website is classy, minimalist, and easy to read, but it is so sparse that you might have a hard time figuring out the details. There is so much more I want to know about these products in their assorted versions (including micro pens) and it would be great if some kind of comparison chart was posted on a separate page so I could see the differences between kits. They all look roughly the same and are packaged beautifully.

Probably most people who vape do not care about Snoop Dogg key chains, hats, towels, or shirts. Then again, if someone was a fan of the Dogg, they would be sucked right in and happy to buy that stuff.

What I would rather see are more accessories for the units themselves and a lot more writing about G Pens. The idea of fusing vaporizing technology with the discrete look of an electronic cigarette (which does something similar but not exactly the same as an herbal vaporizer) is an appealing feature of this model.

G Pens
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