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Grenco Science specializes in handheld devices; portable vaporizers that look much like eGo electronic cigarettes. Their purpose is similar: to create enough heat to release vapor from herbs or turn thick liquids into vapor and even to transform e-liquid into vapor. Read about their products in this Grenco Science review.

Grenco Science.comAbout Grenco Science

The company known as Grenco Science was the first to sell a tank system that could be used with essential oils and aromatherapy materials. Today their line includes the G Pen in various formations, the Artist Series, and their Charity Series.

Taken in its entirety, the catalogue is rather long and a bit confusing. It would be helpful if items were separated according to their purpose (to vaporize herbs, oils, or e-liquid), not by the series they belong to. At the very least, the site should offer both options for the bewildered among their audience.

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

For $99.95, you can own a pen that looks like the PAX by Ploom but costs less than half the price. Using convection, it forces air around herbs and can be set to three temperature settings.

Like the PAX, this device is light, portable, stylish, and small. The stainless steel heating chamber is sturdy enough for ongoing use and holds dry botanical ingredients which are not included in this kit. Like all vaporizers, the G Pro is designed to heat materials without burning them. You get no ash, no burning smell, just the pure taste of whatever aromatherapy herb you like best.

That $99.95 price tag includes a rechargeable vaporizer, pro mouthpiece, filter, filter screens (5 of them), a cleaning brush, 2 extended mouthpiece sleeves, 3 of usual size, and a wired USB charger. The heating chamber holds 0.6 grams, but only dry stuff: no liquids or oils.

The one-year warranty applies to electronic parts. Read the manual carefully and make sure you follow instructions to the letter. These devices are capable of producing enough heat to become very hot; hot enough to burn your hands. Prevent such an event by keeping your vaping pen clean.

The G Pen Vaporizer

The Pro Herbal suits consumers who like dry materials, but the G Pen is for viscous products. For $64.95, you receive a set with a battery, tool, heating coil, wall charger, USB charger, and 2 glass tanks. It’s sleek and discrete.

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The MicroG Vaporizer

Spend $10 more and receive the MicroG Vaporizer for use with essential oils which are thick or moderately thick. You receive 4 tanks, a battery, a tank mouthpiece, keychain, 5 mouthpiece sleeves, a wall adapter/USB kit, two glass containers, and three cleaning tips. It looks like an elliptical eGo pen.

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The G Pen Herbal

While the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer resembles the PAX, the G Pen Herbal looks more like the G Pen Vaporizer, except this one is made for herbs. The outer casing is made from stainless steel and the glass sleeve consists of hardened glass. Receive the battery, tank, charging kit, brush, and 2 glass sleeves. Like the models listed above, this is a black device.

Limited Edition, Charitable, and Artistic Vaping Pens

Grenco Science creates some pens to commemorate events or to honor current cultural icons. Their Gumball 3000/Miami 2 Ibiza Micro G is a Limited Edition pen made for charity and costs $69.95. It was designed in honor of the Gumball 3000 Foundation which supports underprivileged children. The Miami 2 Ibiza event involves exotic cars and a 3,000-mile journey. The pen and case are specially designed in the colors of the organization.

The JAG Micro G Pen for $79.95 is unusual because while the others are black, this one is ivory. JAG is the name of a well-known glass artist. His pen kit comes with all the necessary pieces: glass containers, a keychain and tool, 4 tanks, and so on. Like the other articles made by Grenco Science, it is also beautifully boxed.

Snoop Dogg’s Double G Pen and Micro G are the same inside as their originals but with exteriors designed by Snoop Dogg in blue with a map of Long Beach, California.

Claw Money is a bright, colorful design full of swirls. Items in this series are sold in support for breast cancer awareness.

It is not clear what the HUF battery is supposed to represent: they don’t tell you on the shopping page. It’s white with a strange circular green logo. Zed’s Dead is the same: no story about its design but a black battery and a black “G” inside a red circle. Batteries cost $19.95.

More Designs

There’s still more to be seen on the Grenco Science catalogue. They carry a G Pen Hookah Tank. It’s not for use with the Micro G but with the bigger G Pen. There is a G Pen Coil, separate batteries for the various artistic series, travel kits, accessories, and apparel. For every series there are matching accessories such as coils or tools to replace items that become worn out.

Buy a bright pink mouthpiece for the Claw Money. Purchase a dark grey mouthpiece for the Micro G. Select atomizers, cases, and more. In spite of the fancy looks and their charitable approach, somehow Grenco Science maintains low prices. It really is not unexpected to pay $19.95 for a high-tech battery or $5 for a charger, unless you mean unexpected in a good way.

Contact Grenco Science

Grenco Science is very social. Visit them on social media and find out what customers are saying. Social media pages, especially Facebook, are where the company hosts competitions and shares news, perhaps hosting flash sales or short-term promotions. To contact them in a professional way, visit their site to find the toll-free phone number and email address. You can also chat with a representative live on their website.

Grenco Science
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