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Herbal, nice-smelling items are frequently sold as accessories for products carried by specific stores: electronic cigarette vendors, vaporizer retailers, bath and body shops, and so on. The Herb Import Company of New Orleans, Louisiana, makes herbs and scented products the foci of their stores. Anything else they sell is an accessory to the aroma.

HerbImport.comHerb Import Company Review

Herb Import Company carries e liquids, aromatherapy herbs for vaporizers, incense, bath and body lotions, and sunscreen.

They pay close attention to ingredients, selecting brands that do not contain unnatural and potentially dangerous materials.

There are a few electronic devices in-store and online as well.

Buy Your Herbs

Although they cater to the vaping market, Herb Import Company also sells teas and culinary herbs. They are listed alphabetically and include some exotic items like Ethiopian “Berbere” Seasoning and Galangal Root Powder, plus the usual offerings: cardamom, ginger, and so on.

Teas are supplied by Yogi Teas, Traditional Medicinals, and Wellements. Besides herbs and teas, Herb Import Company carries supplies such as containers, scales, and bags.

Natural Solutions

Alba Botanica is a line of natural creams including sunscreen for adults and children. What sets this brand apart is the natural quality of their products. A long list of ingredients has been avoided such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and sodium methyl sulfate. Their items are not tested on animals. Prices are reasonable while standards are high.

Hair products by Jason include conditioner, shampoo, and gel in numerous styles. Nubian Heritage Lotions are made from and smell of goat’s milk and Chai, lemongrass and tea tree, mango butter, shea butter, and more. They also supply body wash and soap bars.

Vitamins and Supplements

Herb Import Company carries natural immune boosters, sleep aids, digestive aids, and several other health-promoting products. Find products for men and women; diet products, and multi-vitamins.

Also Natural

Since 1996, Herb Import Company has been offering clients the best products and a range that have evolved as information is revealed. As soon as scientists tell the public about the dangers of an ingredient, stores like Herb Import Company have to keep up and they do. Deodorant and other toiletries are chosen for their adherence to unwritten laws of nature: if it is not natural, customers should not be using it.

Electronic Changes

In 1996, Herb Import Company wouldn’t have carried e liquids. E cigs weren’t invented then or at least nothing beyond bulky prototypes. Herb Import Company has moved with the times.

Electronics at Herb Import Company

Although I would steer customers towards high-end and high-quality herbal stock, available online and in their four stores open seven days a week, I would direct your gaze away from electronics. Their prices are a bit out to lunch in many cases.

Examples are their starter kits such as a CE5, one-battery cig with a USB charger for $40. You can do a lot better than that, or their $10 Metro disposable e cigs. They even carry a $20 500-puff e cig, which is way overpriced.

Vaporizers are a different story, some close to the usual cost (such as a Magic Flight Launch Box for $119.99) and others considerably past what you should pay (the Davinci for $249.99, about $50 over the price at the Davinci Website).

Customer Appreciation

Overall, clients have good things to say and are impressed by Herb Import Company. Clients are located in Louisiana, all over the United States, and are also located internationally.

Herb Import Company
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