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The KandyPens Skycloud looks and sounds like cotton candy. Customers can choose from 15 colors (some limited editions) like blue, pink, yellow, red, and purple. Its oval body lends elegance to what might have appeared nothing more than eye candy, while in use the KandyPens Skycloud shows it has more than just good looks to offer.

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KandyPens Skycloud Review

First of all, for $100, you get a compact package but big potential. It comes with 3 atomizers: one for herbs, one for e liquids, and a third for waxes.

KandyPen Skycloud vaporizersFor an additional $40, you can order a glass bulb which also works with concentrates. Regular cartridges cost $15 each.

The parcel is neatly packaged with everything you will require to get started.

That means you receive a battery, cleaning tool, application tool, and charging kit. Okay: you don’t get everything. Herbs, waxes, and liquids are separate, but that’s almost always true.

Cartridge and battery screw neatly together. Allow about 2 ½ hours for the battery to charge, but after that you could enjoy an entire day of vaping on that single charge. Atomizers are wickless to remove the potential for the burnt or stale taste associated with dry or spongy wicks.

A big button, marked with a stylized “K,” allows you to turn the device on and off using five clicks. Atomizers also lock. Presentation is a strong suit of the company. Their small white box for the KandyPens Skycloud features two layers of fitted inserts, the top one for the pen with one atomizer attached plus two other atomizers and a lower tray holding the charging kit (USB cable and AC adapter).

Glass Globe AtomizerGlass Globe Goodness

Customers who ordered the extra atomizer say it is the best feature of the bunch. The glass wax atomizer is a window into the way a vaporizer functions. Its wide mouthpiece provides more air flow and flavor than the smaller atomizer. The big glass chamber allows for efficient heating and creates a clean taste.

Herbal Frustrations

On the other hand, the herbal chamber has been a slight headache, though not enough to put people off of the KandyPens Skycloud. It is small and so is the mouthpiece.

This impacts flavor and throat hit, but also means you spend a lot of time refilling. A few people noticed their herbs would burn too. Don’t grind your herbs too fine: that’s a suggestion from KandyPens Skycloud customers.

E Liquid Loveliness

The KandyPens Skycloud is not just lovely to look at: it functions well. You no longer need to carry two or three separate pens around to enjoy e liquid, herbs, and waxes. The Skycloud produces impressive clouds of vapor.

Battery Brilliance

Another high point of owning the KandyPens Skycloud is that the battery is marvelous. In many other reviews, you will have noticed how pen-style and portable vaporizers suffer from short-lived batteries. They only require a short charging time, but then they last for 2 hours or less. The KandyPens Skycloud battery performs far longer. No wonder replacements cost $40.

Other Features

I mentioned that herbs sometimes burn using the KandyPens Skycloud. This is a common problem, especially where vaporizers are so small the atomizer and chamber are crammed close to each other. To try and solve this, manufacturers are adding a glass honeycomb screen. The KandyPens Skycloud comes with three extras and they should prevent burning.

Final Words

KandyPens claims that their vaporizer is the world’s first 3-in-1 pen, beating out the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3, Vaporite Budy Pen, and others. If that is so, KandyPens ushered in an interesting era; one of ultimate convenience.

It takes just a short time to heat the Skycloud so you won’t be waiting anxiously. The KandyPens Skycloud is sold on the company website and also carried by authorized dealers in retail stores and at vaporizer websites, such as

KandyPens Skycloud
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