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It’s not actually unlawful to vaporize drug-free substances, although if you plan to use weed that is a different story depending on where you live. Smoking cigarettes and vaporizing tobacco in public places like a restaurant or a pub would be illegal. Patrons and law enforcement agencies have the right to tell you to turn it off or butt it out.

The point is not really the law, though, as much as it is public stigma. If you smoke tobacco or aromatic herbs and they do not contain drugs (apart from nicotine), people tend to give you funny looks anyway. They do not stop to ask you. Makers of vaporizers and aromatic herbs or oils are not doing anything against the law, but it would be unlawful for these companies to make any claims about them being healthy. They are healthier than cigarettes.

LegalSmokeShop.comLegal Smoke Shop Review

There is actually a company called “Legal Smoke Shop,” which is a pretty memorable name. It is the kind of name that calls attention to the issue of legality and stereotyping while also pointing out the above-board nature of their business. This name is less interested in the fact that vaporizing herbs produces fewer carcinogens than smoking them (no combustion), simply suggesting the element of choice.

On Facebook, their image could go either way. You might walk in and think this is the place to buy Mary Jane or you might visit and feel like this is a relaxed place to talk about vaporizing tobacco and thyme with like-minded individuals.

Facebook Page: Helpful Resource

The Facebook page of Legal Smoke Shop is a pretty good resource, providing information on a range of subjects relating to vaporizers. They also use social media as a platform to show off their goods.

Legal Smoke Shop carries the Arizer Solo tabletop vaporizer and the Extreme Q tabletop device, two highly-rated devices from Canada. They carry EZ Pipes, the Incredibowl, and Atmos Raw pens. Their lineup includes pen-style vaporizers and the Halo Elips tank.

Although machine vapes are the main attraction, they have raw organic papers for rolling your own herbs if combustion hits the spot. A 170 Pen Mini Vaporizer, the Storz & Bickel Volcano, and a pollen press are just a few more of the products in-store. In other words, you have to visit the store to buy from Legal Smoke Shop: there’s no online shopping option. Legal Smoke Shop only operates in person or over Facebook (not sure if you can use this medium to order products).

Besides machines for vaporizing your essential oils and herbs, Legal Smoke Shop also carries accessories. Pick up a pin or a t-shirt while you are browsing hardware.

History of Legal Smoke Shop

Legal Smoke Shop was founded in 2011. In the past three years, vaporization products have seen an upturn in their fortunes. They have entered, if not the mainstream, then a little way off-shore. Vaporizers are becoming smaller, but the big ones are featuring more convenient and accurate technology.

The future looks good for Legal Smoke Shop. Maybe online ordering will be on the horizon.

Legal Smoke Shop
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