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Even if you are not into the philosophical statements and beliefs posted on the Magic Flight website, there is plenty to love about the device. If their thoughts and visions tantalize you, that is a bonus.

What a vaper really needs to know is how a device works, what sets it above the rest of the competition. The Magic Flight Launch Box is distinctive enough to shine and also made in the USA. Magic Flight settles to roost in San Diego, California.

Magic Flight Launch BoxWarm Wishes from Magic Flight

Many vaporizers on the market are designed with a sturdy plastic or metal exterior. This gives them a cold finish which, while often colorful, frequently funky, and very modern, is not warm or inviting in the same way a wooden device is.

Maybe the competition can shape its vaporizers like pipes and inhalers, but a simple box is sufficient for Magic Flight. Not only do they make their products from wood but they use sustainable resources to be as green as they possibly can.

That is at least one point in their favor and we’re only getting started. Where a number of companies emphasize the role of vaporizing in reducing the carbon footprint of smoking on the environment, Magic Flight puts their money where their mouth is quite literally.

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Flights of Fancy

Each unit is engraved with a picture and a quote from author Forrest Landry. The words were chosen to reflect company values. Images to select are the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Infinite Wings, or a Pineapple: the customer chooses which one he wants. These engravings are exquisite even if you don’t know what they represent.

Accessorizing Naturally

Each accessory is created from wood to match the appearance of your Magic Flight Launch Box. These include a wooden dart stem with a flat mouthpiece costing $19 to replace the glass stem your device comes with.

Select a concentrate tray ($17.99) for use with liquids that melt away to nothing and leave no residue in their wake. There is an adapter that lets you vape in the car or at home.

A cooling device called an Orbiter comes with a 27″ and an 18″ pipe for $79. There is also a water whip ($39) and a grinder ($30). Yep: you pay more, but the wood is beautiful and clearly more natural than silicone, etc.

In preference to accessorizing, it is possible to buy a concentrates box from Magic Flight called the Maud Dib. Temperatures soar to about 900F so you are able to fully vaporize concentrated materials only, but you might find that limiting.

The Magic Flight Launch Box does both for one price. Still, affordability offers the choice of owning a Launch Box and a Maud Dib so that one is ready for herbs, the other concentrates.

Those accessories listed above are not included in the kit, which costs $125 unless you select cherry wood or maple, both of which are more expensive than walnut. You can select a type of wood in the case of many of the accessories too.

In your kit there will be two NiMH batteries with protective caps, a charger, a felt-lined box, glass draw stem, cleaning brush, and a warranty for life on the functioning of your Launch Box.

Operating the Launch Box

You can pre-load the device because it heats up in seconds, but most people recommend heating it first and then getting started. With two AA batteries it takes just five seconds.

Slide back the front lens, add your herbs, and start inhaling. It is totally wireless, portable, and durable with no glass parts. A Magic Flight Launch Box is also a cheap and tiny device: the smallest around according to some reports.

That means you will have to refill materials often during even a short vape break. This is the cost of using a handheld vaporizer: it is convenient in one sense, highly inconvenient in another, but very small and quiet. There is no fan whirring away to make you think you have tinnitus and the box can slide out of view into a shirt pocket or messenger bag.

Buying the Magic Flight Launch Box

There are numerous places to go in search of a Magic Flight Launch Box, including the company website. The advantage of shopping here is that it is the easiest way to sign up for your warranty, they sell all the parts you will want or need, and there is no advertising for other products which can get a bit annoying at times if a site is overcrowded in that way.

What if they are out of stock or you are not sure about the price? Several vaping websites carry the Magic Flight Launch Box. In fact, it is among the most highly-rated devices on the market and frequently featured among employee favorites and top sellers.

Locating a vendor is no problem as you peruse the online market place. Shopping with general retailers can also be to your advantage as they are fighting for your business. Wholesale pricing from Magic Flight allows companies to set their own prices.

Some are higher, but you get free shipping; others are lower but shipping is costly. Most companies send out a free gift with each purchase over a certain value or with every vaporizer they sell.

Your Magic Flight Launch Box will probably be sent with a grinder at the very least, but not the warm, fancy, environmentally friendly wooden one created by Magic Flight. It will be a cheap, cheerful acrylic item.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
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