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The Micro G is really small: a micro version of the Grenco Science full-sized vaporizer pens (if you can call a vaporizer pen “full-sized”). Although the larger version is also portable and discrete, the Micro G Pen Vaporizer is a class apart as far as size goes. This can have advantages and disadvantages as you will see in this Micro G Pen Vaporizer review.

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Disadvantage of Being Small

I’m going to get the downside out of the way because it’s pretty obvious. A small device uses a small battery. A small battery loses power rapidly. As a result, the major negative of a Micro G Pen is that it has to be charged more frequently than a full-sized unit. You see this with cigalikes which, though they are helpful to new vapers switching to e cigs because of their resemblance to analogs, are inconveniently short on power.

A small battery will always be the disadvantage of a pen vaporizer but the advantage of being cordless outweighs this tiny problem.

microG vaporizer

Good things in Small Packages

Everything else about the Micro G appears to be positive. The atomizer is not prone to clogging, but you have to use the correct tank for a particular material. There is an Herbal variety and one for essential oils.

By tiny I mean the Micro G sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. You might liken its design to that of a lipstick tube with the lid on. Take the lid off and it resembles a spray bottle of fancy perfume. It would disappear in a woman’s purse and easily find a niche in a man’s pocket. In spite of its size, consumers say they get great performance, including thick vapor.

While the device is a top performer, it is very easy to use. It comes apart into just three pieces. Tank and atomizer connect directly to one another and then attach to the battery.

You’re paying about $80 for the convenience of tiny technology and a full kit of parts. $80 is extremely reasonable for all the pieces you get and competitive among pen vaporizers.

For the Herbal Micro G Pen, these pieces include a battery, 3 tanks, and 1 mouthpiece. Receive 1 keychain with a tool, adapter, USB charger, 3 cleaning tips, and a brush. Everything is packaged neatly in a box which is about the right size for its contents so you won’t feel as though $20 of your $80 contributed to a uselessly large box. To ensure every item is in perfect shape and to maximize a positive first impression upon opening the box, Grenco Science places each piece in a mold shaped for a snug fit. The Micro G would make a stunning gift for a friend.

The Vaporizer for essential oils (costing the same price) contains one battery and 4 micro tanks. You also receive 5 mouthpiece sleeves plus the tool/keychain and charger kit. Besides 2 glass containers, there are 3 drip tips included also.

Take Care with your Wares

Be sure to select the device meant for vaporizing the materials you plan to use: dry herbs or viscous oils. If you think it will not matter if you swap them around, get used to disappointment. Your atomizer will not work. The entire unit will become clogged. It goes both ways: each unit is designed specifically for just one type of material. For e-cig users, there is an e-hookah tank available from Grenco Science, but it is not compatible with the Micro G.

A Gumball Version and Others

Grenco Science usually makes slick black devices that go with anything. Every outfit looks good in black, but that’s not to everyone’s liking. Thus, GS also carries several colorful versions of their Micro G which are either artistically inspired or designed to support charities.

For instance, the band Trash Talk is on tour offering free concerts to celebrate their new album “No Peace.” Kits in conjunction with the album feature a peace symbol, 1 battery, a new micro G tank, 1 new micro G herbal tank, a micro tank mouthpiece, 5 mouthpiece sleeves, a tool, USB charger, and a travel case. Besides hardware, the consumer will own commemorative accessories such as a button, sticker, and No Peace Zine. The price is $69.95.

They also carry the JAG in honor of a glass artist by the same name (all white) and another Micro G designed for the Gumball 3,000 Miami to Ibiza event in support of a children’s charity.

If you are a Snoop Dogg fan, you probably know that he inspired the Double “G” Micro G designed to feature a map of Long Beach California along the outside. It’s distinctive, as are they all.

Find out How To

The Micro G website is professional and easy to use. Look for a search box which drops to headings such as the Micro G so you don’t view every item Grenco Science sells. They also have a bigger pen design and an herbal vaporizer for sale.

Their website features a number of how-to videos so you can’t go wrong. You’ve got a manual in your box, online instructions, and a video to help consumers use an easy-going device.

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Micro G Pen Vaporizer
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