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Mig Cigs is best known as an e cig company and they are on the fringes of this business. Big names like V2 Cigs and Vaporfi have taken the spotlight, but Mig Cigs hopes to change all that with their new multi-purpose vaporizer: the Matrix.

What is a Matrix?

The Mig Cigs Matrix is their vaporizer for use with dry plant material, concentrates, oil, and wax. It uses a ceramic chamber, provides an OLED display, and comes in 3 colors.

Mig Cigs Matrix

Choose black, red, or white. The Matrix handheld, wireless vaporizer is controlled via three buttons: one for power and one each for raising or lowering the temperature. Mig Cigs is charging $149.95 for the kit.

The Matrix Kit


Each package should contain the following:

• the Matrix
• USB charger
• wall adapter
• 4 extra mesh filters
• 4 silicone mouthpieces
• cleaning/dabbing tools
• oil wicks
• tweezers
• a chamber for concentrates and oil
• a storage box

The following accessories are optional:

• more mesh
• more mouthpieces

These items are not included:

• oil
• wax
• herbs

Features of the Matrix

Mig Cigs asserts that this vaporizer will not burn your herbs (that is what they mean by “no combustion”). A lot of companies make that claim but it’s a tough one to believe. How can you be sure your herbs won’t burn when they do in other vaporizers? There is a bonus to choosing Matrix versus some similarly-shaped but non-adjustable devices: you are able to select a temperature.

Elect to run your vaporizer between 300F and 435F. With this kind of control it’s really up to you whether herbs burn or not and how they taste in every sense. Heating takes roughly 40 seconds but a ceramic chamber holds that heat very well for an efficient use of energy. It is also a clean medium so your herbs, oils, and waxes do not wind up tasting like their container.

The battery is built in so there is a USB charging port on the device: a very small one. You will have to find another vaporizer during charging time or vape while charging, but the battery will take longer to refuel this way.

Mig Cigs indicates there are actually more than 135 settings on this little device, thanks to the Smart Memory Technology found inside. That is bound to be the tiny computer chip which also protects your device from overcharging and overheating. This built-in chip remembers your last setting, so if you had a great vaping experience but forget what temperature you chose, it’s no problem.

Matrix Reviews

Online reports about the Matrix are coming in and they indicate this is a decent product for the price. All the colors are in stock. If they are out of stock for some reason when you log on to buy a Matrix, don’t worry: this is not an original or unique vaporizer. In fact, it probably appears familiar, as though you have seen something similar before. That’s because a few other companies produce a vaporizer that’s very similar.

About Mig Cigs

Your choice of brand comes down to how you feel about that brand and previous experiences. Many of the people who buy the Matrix are already on Mig Cigs’ books. Mig Cigs is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Funny: Vaporfi (one of the firms selling a similar vaporizer) is also from Florida, and they are another company addressing vapers’ desires to adjust as their new-found vaping expertise grows. Both firms carry devices offering incremental additions of power and capacity from cigalikes to APVs and herbal devices.

If you already know Mig Cigs and love their customer service, you don’t have to switch when you choose to try out herbs. Stick with what you know.

Mig Cigs Matrix
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