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Pax Vapor is a company run by the people that brought consumers the original PAX herbal vaporizer and the PAX 2.

Their history (first as Plume, now as Pax Vapor) is interesting and highlights a different reason for the invention of herbal vaporizers, one unassociated with illicit drugs.

Enthusiasts of smoking alternatives love these things and claim they are responsible for improvements in their health while they still get to enjoy the flavor and aroma of tobacco. Find out more below.

Where Pax Vapor Got its Start

Pax Vapor was begun by two graduates from Stanford University; students of design who wanted to see cigarettes and related illnesses become a thing of the past. The pair understood that the smoking ritual is as hard to give up as nicotine and recognized that consumers genuinely love the qualities of tobacco.

They created the original PAX in a move to convert smokers to this portable herbal alternative and wound up releasing one of the most popular handheld rechargeable dry herb devices made to date.


Phase 2 of their design is also a successful product engineered to even higher standards. Pax Vapor is currently celebrating over half a million sales of their original PAX with a sale: about $200 for the kit when you buy it directly from Pax Vapor.

Pax Ploom VaporizersThe Original PAX Portable, Rechargeable Herbal Vaporizer

Why was the first PAX such a big hit with vapers?

There are several reasons for its success. One was the fact that they could vaporize herbs without cables or cords and they could take their vaporizer anywhere.

Firing up the battery and blowing plumes of vapor might not be legal or condoned everywhere, but the possibility is there with a rechargeable system and a decent-sized oven.

US Innovation

This vaporizer is not a cheap device but it was designed by a US firm based in San Francisco. Americans are frequently patriotic in their shopping habits and they like to support a business started by two of their own, even if shoppers come from Montana and Pax Vapor is located in California.

The PAX Mach 1

The PAX is light, weighing less than ¼ of a pound. Its several colors look cool and smooth with the anodized finish provided by Pax Vapor. Herbs are plugged into a chamber at the bottom, thanks to a magnetic lid which, though easy to open, is also strong enough to stay in place on its own.

Every aspect of the vapor pathway is made from medical-grade components. That means your flavor should be clean and vapor is safe from toxins which, in low-quality models, are created when materials become hot and release gas into vapor.

Its anodized aluminum frame is very tough although prone to scratching and some people find it a little too smooth. It tends to slide out of people’s hands and gets knocked around.

A motion sensor in the PAX tells this device when a user has put down his vaporizer and tells the chamber to cool down. This conserves energy and prevents one from heating herbs not destined for inhalation.

That “X” on the side of a PAX is immediately recognizable as it glows one of several colors. These hues are meant to identify either the temperature of the mod or the battery’s charge level. Shake the PAX so that the light switches from one mode to the other.

Pax 2The PAX 2: Even Better

While the original PAX is considered compact and stealthy, the PAX 2 is even lighter and smaller. Its entire profile is several millimeters narrower and shorter, but that makes no difference to its performance.

In fact, technological upgrades allow vapers to get the same battery performance or better and they do not sacrifice herb chamber space. That magnetic lid remains. There is now a lip sensor to detect when a device is not in use plus the original motion detector.

Probably the most important feature, the one Pax Vapor carefully retained, is the “X” light indicator. This still gives the same information as before and shines like a brand logo telling you this is a real PAX 2 vaporizer. Again this is a rechargeable, light, cordless device this time with 4 heat settings instead of 3.


There are a few negative features to get out of the way. One is the price: about $280 for the PAX 2 and $200 for its predecessor, which isn’t cheap. Second is availability: not always optimal according to customers. Third is that you can’t take out the battery, replace it with a recharged one, and keep vaping. You just have to wait.

For smokers this can be a problem although hard-core vapers tend to own at least two vaporizers for when they are inconvenienced by charging and some of them run a tabletop device at home. A portable vaporizer is perfect for use outside the home.

Overall Thoughts

You have to understand the importance of materials and quality: this is a good product. There are cheap ones that burn your herbs, so flavor is terrible and the health benefits in relation to smoking are not that great.

Cheap pens costing $60 create more frustration than freedom. Customers are far better off finding an authentic PAX or PAX 2 and buying this with the full 10-year warranty from a firm that takes high-end design seriously.

Pax Vapor
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