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The Pinnacle Pro is a VaporBlunt vaporizer costing from $210 and up. Several independent websites carry it. Reviews look promising. In particular, watch for the Pro,” not the Pinnacle original. A few changes make the upgraded model slightly better value, but only slightly. It is still as durable as before and continues to be a popular model.

Pinnacle ProPinnacle Pro Vaporizer Specifications

With the original Pinnacle, you had two settings: a temperature of 370F achieved in 50 to 70 seconds and one of 385F after 90 seconds. The Pro adds three possible settings for a total of 5 up to 470F, but still uses a one-button control system.

470F is a little too high in my opinion and leaves your device open to the possibility of burning, or at least overheating, if you use herbs. Few other vaporizers are designed to seek these values, and certainly not herb-only devices. This will lead to harsh-tasting vapor.

With waxes, there is less chance of burning: they can handle higher temperatures. In that case, 470F is great. Since the Pinnacle Pro works with both, you can see why VaporBlunt has created higher options.

The slick, black Pinnacle Pro measures 5″ by 1″ without the water tool, but add this and you have a very long device which is arguably not portable, or at least not discrete.

Each kit is packaged with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, cleaning brush, flavored tip, unflavored tip, and 2 removable bowls, each one with a screen. These are referred to as bullets because of their shape. Packaging is professional and attractive. A box containing this unit would make a great gift for a smoker who wants to give up combustion in favor of vaporization.

If you leave the Pro for 10 minutes, it shuts itself off so as to conserve battery power and prevent over-heating. A stand is also included with the kit.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

Most consumers really like the Pro. They consider its battery life exceptional: 4 hours on a charge, but not if you hit the higher temperatures regularly. Charging takes a while however, about 3 hours. They get lots of vapor with this device. Some of them are lasting for years.

The heating chamber is large for a portable device and certainly better than the kind you find in a pen, but this is not a pen. Pens burn materials regularly. The Atmos Raw is an example, and not the only one. The Pinnacle Pro is a handheld vaporizer and will not burn your herbs. If they burned, you would be back to combustion, turning an electronic vaporizer into an electronic cigar complete with ash.

I love the blue lights running up the front of the Pinnacle Pro as you hit each temperature. They glow pleasantly. A ceramic heating element ensures your vapor tastes excellent. Heating time is fairly quick.

Installing the bullets is easy: there is one for wax and another for herbs. Without the water tool, you can fit this in a bag, purse, or pocket.

Pinnacle Pro DLXPinnacle Pro Deluxe

If you don’t mind paying up to 50% more, the Pro Deluxe features a water tool. When attached to the Pro, it nearly doubles the length, so use this at home or dismantle the Pro while transporting both items at once. It is delicate and expensive so treat the tool with care.

The water tool cools your vapor. If at first it comes across too hot and harsh (without the tool that is), water creates a smoother, cooler flavor. Small tools of this kind emulate larger, teapot-style coolers used with tabletop vaporizers and are becoming common as the market for portable vaporizers grows. Even if this makes it impractical as a portable unit, it is still wireless and convenient for use around the home, especially with the stand to keep it from tipping over.

Also from VaporBlunt

A lot of vaporizers are known by their model name and the company behind them is anonymous. VaporBlunt is one of those names. Unless you purchase their eponymous device, it would be easy to overlook the fact that they make the Pinnacle, Palm, and Baker, among others.

VaporBlunt is located in California, home to several vaporizer companies. Their products are widely available and very affordable, so if you are in the market for a vaporizer costing less than $250, you have come to the right place. The Palm 2.0 is even less expensive than the Pinnacle and would make an excellent budget model for a new vaper on the move.

Competition for the Pinnacle Pro

Major competitors under this heading for the same sort of money are the Davinci, Pax, Ascent, Firefly, and Vapir N02. To find out how the Pinnacle Pro compares to these, look them up on a retail website featuring high-quality products. There you will also find materials to vape with and other handy accessories.

Ultimately, selecting a single portable vaporizer is a matter of personal preference. You are better off with a portable unit of this size and value than with a pen, simply for the sake of quality and particularly if you vaporize herbs. For the sake of consistency and tasty, a desktop unit is often better, though not always.

There will be some tricks to get used to, such as how finely to grind your herbs and what settings to select for various products. But once you figure these out, the Pinnacle Pro could rival heavy-hitters; at least that is what customers say, and their opinion is what matters. Consumers who disliked the Pro have been quiet about their distaste.


Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer
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