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When the Pioneer4You iPV 3 Li 165W came out, it was always understood that the system could be upgraded when Pioneer4You eventually released a 200W chip. That day has come. P4Y has finally released the SXi update for iPV 3 Li machines to increase maximum output by 35W.

New Software for the iPV 3 Li 165W

This updated system is capable of working with Ni200 and Ti01 coils: Nickel 200 and Titanium. These are the temperature-sensitive options everyone in the industry has been talking about lately. If you run a vape mod featuring temperature control mode, the only way to run it is to install matching coils: Nichrome and Kanthal are not suitable unless you plan to stay in Variable Wattage mode. Vapers don’t have to buy a new box mod: they just purchase the software.


What is TC Mode?

When operating in Temperature Control format, you protect your device from overheating by setting a maximum temperature. The chip regulates output to maintain that level. Contrast this with a temperature-protected device which shuts off or lowers the vape mod’s temperature if it detects overheating.

That is not the same thing as having control over maximum temperature in the first place, although this means giving up VW control, but you can use Variable Watt mode at other times.

OLED screens for TC mods show numbers a little differently. You see ohms, battery life, watts, and between 200F and 600F as opposed to watts and volts with ohms and battery life. Using the Yihi SXi chip, you can now vape at resistance as low as 0.1 ohms and up to 3 ohms if your atomizer is rigged with a Ni200 or Ti01 coil and is designed for compatibility with seriously high wattage.

Facts about the iPV 3 Li 200W

Since releasing their series of iPV box mods, Pioneer4You has established a strong fan base from customers pleasantly surprised to discover that Yihi microchips are excellent. There are several sizes/power limits to the iPV series. This one uses two 18650 batteries which are removable for charging: there is no onboard recharging option. Remove the magnetic door to replace cells.

Three buttons allow you to change from one mode to the other, select output and temperature levels, and turn the mod on or off. Lock it in the “off” position or lock it in a particular mode.

Style is not the most stunning in this case: your mod is just a black box with a corner cut off. Pioneer4You didn’t bother with fun shades of orange or a patterned/textured exterior material. They decided to make their box mod using Billet Aluminum colored black. This is sturdy stuff and very light. Measurements are 4 1/8″ x 2 ½” x 7/8″ so the iPV 3 Li 200W manages to take up little space in spite of its tremendous output.

You will notice an OLED screen on board. The display is bright and easily readable. This part is also updated when you download the newest chip onto your 165W iPV 3.

Use a Tank Designed for Low Resistance

Vendors recommend tanks for use with the iPV 3 Li 200W, items such as the iSub and iSub G by Innokin, an eGo One tank, the Kanger Subtank or Aerotank, and Aspire’s Atlantis sub ohm RTA. As always, running your mod at 0.1 ohms and 200W or 600F is the maximum experience with numerous moderate levels in between.

Safety features supplied by the chip help to prevent accidents caused by the wrong atomizer resistance or low battery voltage, but you should always run your vape mod responsibly to avoid potential dramas and expensive forms of destruction. Pioneer4You products are carried wherever you find top-quality regulated vaporizers but at affordable prices.

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Pioneer4You IPV 3 Li
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