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Many of the pens you see on the vaporizer market work best with oils or waxes. You find they burn herbs, and that is the case with even the best examples. The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is not a bad pen. But at between $80 and $90, you know it does not feature any exceptional technology to magically prevent combustion. There are still a lot of good elements here; factors which might make this one of the better pens on the market if you want a device with a small profile. It isn’t incredibly powerful; just a vaporizer for using during your “smoke break.”

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Pulsar 7Pulsar 7 Vaporizer Review

You can take this unit apart into several pieces. They are the battery, chamber, sleeve, screen, and mouthpiece. Everything fits neatly together to form a shape and length similar to that of an e cig, like a Vision or a Kanger 650-mAh eGo pen.

There are just a few colors available: black, silver, and blue. One button operates the whole thing so you can’t set a temperature, but the button does allow you to lock and unlock your device. When locked, it will not accidentally fire in your pocket which could cause it to overheat, burn you, burn up your herbs, and waste your battery.

Upgraded Model

The previous version of this pen has been upgraded in small ways. It is generally the same, perhaps tweaked a little to be more efficient and operate for longer. The battery holds a charge for two hours if you use this device continually. Puff casually and it will keep going half a day. Also, if the Pulsar 7 is neglected for a while, it shuts off automatically. That will preserve the battery still further.

Only use ground herbs in the Pulsar 7. During the upgrade, while other brands have been tinkering around to create 3-in-1 pens, the Pulsar has remained an herbal device.

In the Starter Kit

Your bundle comes with a battery and cartridge, sleeve, spare screens, and two mouthpieces made of rubber. They are soft which makes a wonderful change from some of the stiff, hard mouthpieces out there.

On the other hand, rubber can make your vapor taste weird. You will just have to weigh up which is more important to you. The box also contains a charger and an adapter, cleaning tools, and a manual which is posted online as well. The gift box would make an attractive method of presentation. Use those cleaning tools: a clean vape pen is less likely to overheat and the taste is better.

Take Caution

Customers have already noted that you have to be careful with the heating element post: it isn’t sturdy and could bend, even break. Take care not to pack herbs in too tightly either. It’s fiddly to fill, but a good size.

On the Plus Side

Customer service at Pulsar is reportedly amazing. On the strength of this alone they should enjoy brisk business. Word gets around. Heating only takes 10 to 15 seconds. That’s virtually instant. If you were still a smoker, absolutely new to vaping, and wanted to experiment with herbs instead of (or as well as) e liquid as an alternative to cigarettes, the Pulsar 7 would be a low-cost, user-friendly investment.

Pulsar 7 Vaporizer
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