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Vapers know that TC is the abbreviation for Temperature Control when referring to a box mod. In the case of Sigelei’s TC mod, the letters also stand for Top Class.

Customers are excited about this device which, in their eyes, tops many of their previous box mods for quality and performance. They don’t balk at the price, especially after reading how happy customers are with their purchase. Here is what you get when you hand over about $100 for a Sigelei 150 Watt Temperature Control box mod.

Dual Modes

You can run Sigelei’s upgraded 150W vaporizer in Variable Watt or Temperature Control mode. With Variable Wattage you set the watts you want and the built-in chip detects when your temperature is too high, at which time wattage is automatically reduced. With TC, you select a value from 212F to 572F and the chip sets your wattage accordingly, lowering or increasing them as required.

Sigelei 150W Temp Control Mod

Temperature Control devices apparently use less battery power so they save you money even though they are usually a bit pricier than regular VW vaporizers and pure nickel coils are more expensive than Kanthal. They also use e juice more slowly than conventional mods because they require less output to reach optimal temperatures.

Two Batteries

The package does not arrive with the two batteries which you will need to run a Sigelei 150W TC. Choose 18650 cells which are secured behind a magnetic door. Remove them for charging and replace drained cells with fresh ones. It is the easiest way, really, as long as you always have two fully charged cells at your disposal. You don’t need to be plugged into a computer in order to continue vaping with your favorite device.

sigelei 150w tc batteries

Good Feeling Mod

Users indicate this is an easy box to hold: comfortably rounded at the battery side. The aluminum alloy used to make its frame is covered with a protective silicone sleeve which softens it in your hands. Blue, black, gold, and silver are available.

Protecting Vapers

Sigelei’s chip provides vapers with defense against the consequences of user errors and mechanical malfunction. If you apply an atomizer with a coil built to lower than 0.1 ohm, a short circuit could be the result, but there will be no damage to your device, thanks to short circuit protection.

Put batteries in backwards and your vaporizer won’t turn on until you switch them around. You are also defended against low voltage or high voltage input. If you don’t know why your box mod stopped working or reduced output, read the screen for an error message.

Temperature Control Mode

There is just one way to run a box mod in Temperature Control mode: you have to use a pure nickel or titanium coil. Kanthal wire and low-grade nickel alloy are not temperature-sensitive. They burn down quickly and cause inefficiency. E juice vapor becomes burnt-tasting as a result of overheating and degradation.

With Ni200 coils, you can operate the Sigelei 150W TC using the Temperature Control function or Variable Wattage: just use the power button to select a mode and use plus and minus buttons to adjust how hot or how many watts you want.

Display Screen

Simeiyue has set the bar for vape mod display screens ridiculously high, so if you have seen the full color graphics of a SMY, the basic rectangular, blue-on-black screen of a Sigelei will be disappointing. Resolution is also a little less crisp than on the Joyetech eVic VCT and Kanger Subox. This display does the job, though, showing you how much battery life remains, displaying joules, temperature, volts, and resistance.

Full Package

What are you going to need when you purchase a Sigelei 150W TC? Your package only contains the manual, mod, and sleeve. Add a charger and rechargeable batteries if you don’t have these in your collection. Select an atomizer that handles temperature control devices: an RDA would be great. Any quality RTA with a DIY atomizer deck or pre-installed Ni200 coils is a good option too.


Sigelei 150W TC
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