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Colorado is the home of 7th Floor LLC, makers of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. On their website, the makers refer to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer as an herbal vaporizer candle, perhaps because it forms a tilted cylinder on a base.

You might recognize its back-tilt or recall seeing engraved or colored versions on retail websites. The Silver Surfer starts out silver, but that’s just the beginning. Enter a world of color and artistry by shopping with 7th Floor.

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Stick with silver and you will still enjoy the unique qualities of hand-blown glass features. Both the marble pick and the temperature knob are made with this material so no two will be exactly the same. You don’t have to throw more money at the company to receive at least a little bit of artistry.

A plain, silver model costs $270 purchases straight from 7th Floor. When you read the ordering page, there are many possible extra costs you could add.

A tamer kit and bag for the tamer kit adds more to the price. Choose one of eight colors such as purple, yellow, or matte blue and that will cost you more. Have this surface engraved with one or as many as five images.

There are other ways to customize the kit, almost all of them costing something. By selecting every possible item, the most expensive one on each list, I brought the possible price of a Silver Surfer up to $619.95.

That was without adding an extended warranty. Choose the 10-year option and shell out $100 more. Add $50 to that for a lifetime warranty. A three-year warranty comes as standard if you purchase the Silver Surfer from 7th Floor or an authorized dealer.

Your Budget

For the budget-minded vaper, the kit for $270 is just fine. It contains a free wax sample out of 11 possible choices such as Black Ice, Cherry Lemonade, Vanilla, and Lavender.

The kit contains three screens, a 3-foot tube made from food-grade vinyl, a heater cover, wand, mouthpiece, padded travel bag, aluminum base, and a free tee-shirt. The housing is also made from aluminum which is durable but light.

Saturn Vapor TamerThe Saturn Vapor Tamer

Vapor transferred directly from the heating chamber to your lungs can be too hot to handle, or at least hotter than you like it to be.

Imagine sipping tea before it cools slightly.

The heat takes away any flavor. To cool vapor before use, 7th Floor has created a device that looks something like a compact fluorescent light bulb.

Glycerin and a curling tube inside a bulb take the vapor on a journey before the consumer inhales it, by which time the vapor is warm, not hot.

Silver Surfer VaporizerSilver Surfer Vaporizer Review

So what is the Silver Surfer Vaporizer?

It is an herbal or oil vaporizer (use oils by adding a special container to your order) that heats materials until they create vapor, but does not burn them. That is the basic distinction between smoking and vaping: choosing to create vapor instead of combustion.

Some units use a balloon to distribute vapor to the consumer. The client fills the balloon then inhales directly from it, passing the balloon around to friends if he is vaping in company. With this unit a client uses a kind of pipe and a stir stick that enables him to move the herbs around and get hot air into them, making the most out of every serving.

A glass knob at the base allows a vaper to change the temperature. The customer knows his vaporizer is hot enough because a bulb at the base glows brighter the hotter it becomes. A ceramic heating chamber holds herbs but vapor is distributed through glass the rest of the way. If your herbs are sensitive to heat and tend to overheat easily, keep the temperature low. Experiment with materials and settings until you find the right formula.

What’s so important about materials used to build a vaporizer? You will find that ceramics and glass are considered the best materials for vaporizers.

If you can afford to buy a device made with a glass pathway and a ceramic heating chamber, these are the cleanest media. They add nothing to the flavor or smell of vapor, remaining entirely neutral. They are also excellent heat conductors. The Silver Surfer is ideally suited to creating clean vapor.

Receive A Free Gift With The Silver Surfer

Pros and Cons of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

First of all, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a high-quality machine. Consumers love it and appreciate the relatively low cost. Yes, $270 is a lot of money, but the Volcano, for instance, costs over $400 without its valve set.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is not as clean, however, as the Volcano. Consumers notice a bit of build up. That’s not a big deal: vaporizers should be cleaned regularly so that parts do not become clogged and so as to maintain the purest flavor possible. It’s just worth being aware of the tendency for dirt to build up.

Your Silver Surfer can become an elegant accessory or a piece of artistic expression. Upload your own image and 7th Floor will use this instead of their pre-existing artistry.

A 10-year extended warranty for $100 sounds a bit pricey. One might even imagine it reflects a fear that their units are not as robust as the designer suggests.

On the Whole

A Silver Surfer can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want. Even when paying the lowest price, its performance is still excellent. Many additional costs relate to extras that one need not own to enjoy great tasting herbs.

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