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The idea that you can enjoy the flavor of exotic e liquid flavors instead of just smoking tobacco is only one of a load of reasons people vape today. They give up cigarettes and discover their health improves, they save money, and the habit is more enjoyable than before. Cigarettes never gave birth to communities the way vaping has either. Those are just some of the reasons to buy e cigs, reasons that contribute to new businesses like Slim Vape Pen.

Personal Story

Sometimes the “About Us” section of a website is thick with information, and sometimes all you learn is the address where a company is situated. The owner of Slim Vape Pen shares a personal story of why he tried e cigs and how cigalikes were inadequate.

You can probably relate if you are a moderate to heavy smoker. He could not stand having to charge batteries several times each day and using up cartridges at the same rate. There had to be a better way, and he found it without looking too hard. Once this individual discovered eGos, there was no turning back. He not only found the way to vape enjoyably without the frustration of low power but also founded a business on the strength of this discovery.

SlimVapePen.comSlim Vape Pen Review

His business is named for the main product on his catalogue: a slim e cig also known as a vape pen. He carries e liquid, herbal, and wax vaping pens plus a few other pieces of hardware and e liquid. His selection is small yet covers a lot of bases without getting complicated.

Slim Vape Starter Kits

Choose your starter kit with one, two, three, or four batteries: the eGo-T with free e juice for a limited time. Prices are $34.99 to $59.99. This is the Slim Vape Pen: not a JoyeTech or Kanger, but a generic copy. They are 900-mAh batteries, each of which comes with a charging kit and a case.

Slim Vape Pen also has an Evod starter kit in red, blue, or pink with two batteries and e juice for $34.99. The black eGo-C twist with two batteries and e juice costs $54.99. Even without the juice, their prices are very good and accommodate various price points. With 15 ml of juice included, customers get a really good deal.

Vaporizer Pens

Choose a dry herb or wax vaporizer pen by Ago. You’ll recognize this copy of the Atmos sold here for $34.99, which is cheaper than the Atmos RX. Slim Vape Pen also has a wax starter kit: the Wax T1 Glass Globe featuring one full vaporizer for $34.95 or two pens for $39.99.

More Stuff

The one other thing that stands out on their menu is the Kayfun 3.1 RBA clone for $39.99. Most of their products are designed to be discrete, provide moderate power, and to be affordable. The Kayfun will work with your eGo, but it would look better on a mod.

E Liquid

Slim Vape Pen sells NicoClean e liquid, $10.95 for 15 ml. They don’t list choices of nicotine but the NicoClean website shows levels up to 36 mg per ml. I don’t know how you choose a value at Slim Vape Pen but the flavors the carry include Cowboy, Strawberry Banana (with a hint of milk), Bubblegum, and Raspberry. NicoClean e liquid is made in the USA from USP, food-grade ingredients, all of them FDA-approved except the nicotine.

Small Selection, Good Value

Certain companies try to sell everything and the new vaper feels like a bomb just went off in his face as he tries to make sense of it all. At Slim Vape Pen this isn’t the case. Furthermore, their theme is not e cigs but discrete vaporizers.


Slim Vape Pen
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