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Theirs is a late addition to the box mod frenzy, but the SMOK Xpro BT50W Mod may also be among the best. This e cig company from China already manufactures a number of products which vapers rely on, including their SMOK Magneto mechanical mod and the SID. Since these are good products and consumers can trust the brand, it is possible consumers will prefer a Smok box in favor of lesser-known Pioneer4You or Cloupor brands.


SMOK Xpro BT50WConfident E Cig Name

But Smok has a lot of competition to consider. Not only do those other devices have a head start on Smok; they also supply higher maximum wattage. The top value coming out this autumn is 180watts. Is 50 watts too low a value? Take a look at what the SMOK Xpro has to offer: more than variable wattage, that’s for sure.

Enjoy Bluetooth Connectivity

This is no ordinary box-style mod: the SMOK Xpro BT50W mod comes with an app so customers can connect vaping performance to their iPhones and Androids. With the app, it is as though one tunes the station to “vape,” reading voltage, watts, resistance, battery power, and puff count where usually one would read a text message or connect to the internet and play games.

A Real Box

The Smok 50 is a true box: no rounded sides or ornate elements. The format is simple, giving the entire stage to its power and agility. Select one of five shades of anodized finish: red, silver, blue, black, or pink.

On the Outside

Down one wide side is the Smok logo, near the bottom. On the opposite side is the “Bluetooth” logo next to “Pro BT50.” One narrow edge boasts three buttons, a screen, and a hole between the two small buttons.

The large button is for turning the device on and off. Small ones set watts up or down. The hole allows you to re-start if the Smok 50 turns off. A USB port allows you to charge up: maybe using a pass-through method, although this is not clear. Since none have been released and are currently being pre-ordered by excited vapers, more details will filter onto the internet when users have had a chance to test their box mod. Customers are paying around $100.

Screen Shot

A battery symbol displayed on the screen to the left shows how much charge is remaining. Next are ohms and volts. Watts are depicted in big numbers to the right.

An adjustable spring-loaded pin makes allowances for various types of 510/eGo tanks and clearomizers. Stick with what you know and your tank should fit without need of a collar. Since you are vaping at sub-ohms, now would be a good time to experiment with dripping atomizers.

On the Inside

Internally, there isn’t much to see except a chip and an 18650 battery when you insert one. The chip is protective, but Smok doesn’t say much about just how protective. Usually, this part detects problems in the device like overheating, a voltage level problem, or resistance dropping too low.

Sometimes it can tell when your battery is in the wrong way around so you cannot turn on your box mod. You can vape at sub-ohms (0.2), but there are limits. This chip detects and reports resistance to correlate watts as the user sets them to resistance and voltage in as safe a manner as possible.

Buy the Smok Box Mod?

Are you planning to buy this unit? It’s a good price, a name with an excellent reputation, and the device is attractive in its simplicity. If you liked the eVic because of the firmware, this Smok product is a definite winner at around the same price or slightly lower and with a lot of scope to adjust power to your preferred level.


Available for $79.99 at

(Madvapes is an Authorized SMOK distributor)


SMOK Xpro BT50W Mod
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