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The electronic cigarette brand South Beach Smoke was like a lot of e cig companies: falling behind the bigger businesses that were introducing new products like APVs, herbal vaporizers, and mods. Their Air made a start in this direction and a good one, bringing South Beach Smoke consumers up to speed on the power they could enjoy, but without any added features or innovative design elements.

It was the most basic item they could have brought to the table although it resembles a light saber with the laser turned off. Now, South Beach Smoke wants to introduce their clients and the world at large to three new vaporizers and an innovative design feature that puts even more control into vapers’ hands.

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South Beach Smoke vaporizer kitsSouth Beach Smoke Vaporizer Kits

You can now buy four types of vaporizer from South Beach Smoke: the Air, Thunder, Curve, and Storm. Each one is available in the form of accessories sold separately or as starter kits.

South Beach Smoke pricing is similar to that of Vaporfi to which one can most closely compare them. They are related corporately after all.

South Beach Smoke e cigs are bland by comparison with these new products, especially the Curve and Storm. You will be introduced to many wonderful colors which lend even greater style and energy to your vaping device.

All of these fit the eGo configuration you are used to but are not all the same shape as the typical eGo pen. Kits cost from as little as $29.99 to a high value of $99.99.

South Beach Smoke StormA Storm Starter Kit

For around $50, you receive a kit with the battery and tank plus one extra atomizer. That is one full e cig ready to go except for the juice, but a charging kit comes in the box.

So once you buy a bottle of e juice, you will be set for daily vaping and maybe one re-charge using the 650-mAh battery. A bigger option is available for $3 more.

Select red, yellow, purple, pink, green, blue, or camouflage. There are also black and white options. The battery only comes in a few possible colors until you buy replacements, but clearomizers are available in all shades. An LCD screen costs $5 extra without a variable voltage feature or upgrade to 1100 mAh by paying $3 more.

South Beach Smoke CurveLearning Curve

The next product adds a feminine touch to the eGo line which, until this time, has lacked a sultry shape. There have been innovations (the triangular jet and the pillar-shaped Innokin VV V3.0), but nothing with curves.

Roundedness in the battery is only slight but at the top, for the clearomizer, South Beach Smoke has given your device a more distinctly rounded shape.

Select one of many bright candy colors so that if the dimensions do not already stand out, your Curve e cig will get the attention it deserves.

South Beach Smoke ThunderRumble of Thunder

Here is the beast at South Beach Smoke, but a shiny and exciting monster offering 1300 mAh of vapor power in a stainless steel tube.

Although it isn’t the elegant device a Curve is, a Thunder shows that you mean business.

When you charge up the battery, it will give you the power to vape for a full day.

This has a variable voltage and adjustable airflow option which you will really come to appreciate as you fine tune your vaping experience.

South Beach Smoke AirSmell the Air

South Beach Smoke is running with a theme here.

Notice how the air clears after a storm?

It feels fresher and cleaner, especially in the summer when wind and rain blow the smog away.

South Beach Smoke listed the Air several months ago in tandem with their release of e liquid by the bottle. Buy a starter kit for $29.99, receive extra power beyond what the South Beach Smoke cigalike offers, and fill the clearomizer with tasty e juice costing $14.99 for 30 ml.

Out of all the vaporizers South Beach Smoke lists, this is the smallest, measuring 4″.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice
Buy Replacement Pieces

Pick an Air bundle containing one 350-mAh battery, but you can replace it with a 650-mah or a 900-mAh battery which will make it longer and allow you to vape for several hours, even a full day. The cost of a replacement battery is from $14.99 to $24.99. A new tank costs $9.99, which is a great price.

Buy a clearomizer that fits onto any of these devices but comes in various colors and isn’t designed for any one of them in particular. It is priced $9.99 (the same as a Curve clearomizer), but the Storm cartomizer costs $14.99. Replace the tank for your Thunder vaporizer at a cost of $34.99.

There would be three reasons to replace the items that came with your kit. One would be that the tank or clearomizer broke or clouded after use with acidic juices or just wore out. Another would be that you want to give one as a gift. Thirdly, you might own multiple tanks for vaping very different styles of juices so their flavors do not adversely affect each other.

South Beach Smoke Custom BuilderBuild Your Own Vaporizer at South Beach Smoke

Usually, e cig companies get to have all the fun of connecting the dots when they make their kits, fitting tanks and batteries together in such a way that they look stylish for the average buyer. There is a good chance you will agree with their opinion and think the kits they created are excellent as they are.

You might, however, feel like being creative. If that sounds like you, go to the Custom Builder “Build Your Own” feature and put items from various kits together so you come up with your own idea of an attractive e cig. It might have the tank of a Thunder vaporizer and the battery of a Curve and feature two contrasting colors, but that’s the way you roll.

The Reliable Fifth Choice

As well as four vaporizers, South Beach Smoke still carries their cigalike with one of the best and most reliable mini cig batteries you can buy. Their high-drain cigalike provides up to 4 hours of vaping time on a single charge at first, though it will drain more quickly and lose voltage over time. South Beach Smoke has one of the best customer service programs available, an excellent affiliate set-up, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


South Beach Smoke Vaporizers: Custom Builder, Curve, Storm, Thunder & Air
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