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The vaping world is anticipating another new release; a Tesla temperature control mod with a simple name: the Tesla 80W TC. You would think some of these e cig companies could be a bit more creative with names, like JoyeTech with their newest eVic and Kanger with their Subox, but there are more important things to think about here. For instance, what will this new Tesla device offer? Is it worth waiting for?

Coming in September

September is just around the corner so vapers do not have to wait long for the Tesla 80W. Excited vapers wonder how this unit will differ from the eVic VCT or any other TC device. In many ways these products are much the same. A lot of what distinguishes them is style, but there are subtle variations on the same one-battery, variable wattage theme.

Tesla 80W TC MOD



Basics of the Tesla 80W TC

First of all, Tesla’s mod is a box offering 7 to 80W, 9V, and 24.5A output which is a little more than the 60W eVic VCT. Its frame is made of zinc alloy and it uses one 18650 battery, same as the VCT but not as colorful. Size-wise, it’s impressively small: 82 mm long by 38 mm wide and 23.5 mm deep. You could easily stuff one of these in your pocket.

Temperature Control

The 80W is different from many other variable watt mods in that it is designed for use in TC mode. You do not have to use TC mode — VW is an option — but why wouldn’t you? Otherwise, just buy a regular variable watt mod. With TC functionality, you obtain true control over safety and output without relying on the safety chip to automatically adjust watts to reduce heat when a mod becomes too hot.

Coils for the 80W TC

Of course, once you start messing around with TC vaping, you have to change your approach to rebuildable coils. The only two which are currently acceptable in TC mode are Ni200 and Ti coils. These are temperature-sensitive which means they become hot more quickly than Kanthal or Nichrome but they retain heat more easily and don’t burn down in a hurry.

This enables consumers to cut back on battery use, conserve juice, and enjoy a smoother flavor not hampered by a burnt smell or flavor caused by burning coils at the end of their short life. They are more expensive coils, mind you, but they pay for themselves in terms of efficiency.

Vaping Resistance

When you are in TC mode, it is also possible to lower resistance to 0.05 ohms. Normal coils are compatible in VW mode in which case the lowest ohms aren’t too shabby: 0.15 to 3.5 ohms. You would not complain about that if you didn’t know 0.05 ohms was possible.

Add an Atomizer from Tesla

Coincidentally, Tesla makes a TC-compatible atomizer which would work beautifully with their 80W box mod: the Vortek. It’s known as a TC atomizer because Tesla includes the correct coils from the very start. Pair the Tesla 80W with their Vortek tank and they will look like they were made for each other as they probably were.

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Tesla 80W TC
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