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Storz & Bickel manufactures the Plenty Vaporizer. This is their second vaporizer model, preceded by their famous Volcano model. Both of these devices often top the charts among consumers for their clean vapor production, but they are expensive devices.

Find out below why the Plenty is priced $349 as a complete kit.

The Plenty VaporizerThe Plenty Vaporizer Review

Consumers have only good things to say about the German engineering and technology that goes into the making of the Plenty. Although external parts are plastic, they are high quality, food-grade, and durable. They do not affect the flavor of vapor or its smell.

One thing that could contaminate the smell is not cleaning your item properly, yet the Plenty (like the Volcano) is a really clean unit. It doesn’t tend to become grimy the way some models do. Still, clean it once in a while, at least, and you will get long-lasting performance out of your expensive vaporizer.

Power from Storz & Bickel

This is a handheld device but corded for constant power from an electrical outlet. A corded device is not reliant on the charge-status of a battery so power is uniform and reliable.

The Shape of Vaporization Technology

Let’s look more closely at its shape. When resting on the handle, the device resembles a cylinder tilted back against one side of a triangle. You might see its fuel gauge, the orange and black design, and its shape, and imagine the handle of a fuel pump at the gas station. An ergonomic handle makes your vaporizer comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The Plenty is certainly unique.

What is Inside the Plenty?

Inside the cylinder is a hot air generator and a wide herb chamber which can be filled to nearly full or just a short way. Get a lot of out of it, share it with friends, or choose a shorter session.

One reviewer writes that if you want to use a small amount of herbs, place the “liquid pad” on top of the load so they do not move around too much. When they are too loose, the heater cannot vaporize them. A liquid pad comes with your kit.

Besides the pad there is a long tube, short tube (each tube is comprised of 2 pieces), a screen, cleaning brush, herb mill, filling chamber, mouthpiece, and the cooling coil of which I will write more shortly. You get a lot for $349.

After purchasing the full set, some pieces will need to be replaced once in a while or irregularly; perhaps only if you break something. Pick up a new filling chamber, filling chamber housing, mouthpiece set, screens, cooling coil, or the entire vaporization unit separately if they break down after some time.

There is a good chance you will never need to worry about the mechanical parts. Storz & Bickel makes products to last. Like the Volcano before it, the Plenty keeps on working every day years after consumers first bought it.

Easy Temperature Control

A gauge placed right at the front of the machine shows clearly what temperature your device has achieved up to 420F. It’s easy to read and low-tech, but that belies the high-tech specifications of the internal parts.

A dial allows you to select one of 7 temperature settings so you can have it set quite low for herbs that prefer less heat. Ventilation prevents overheating, but you can still get burned so be very careful.

In particular, a coil cooling mechanism gets very hot on the outside. It is made from stainless steel and takes the hot vapor from its source into a curling formation until it reaches your mouth smooth and cool. Hot vapor is frequently harsh. This is what Storz & Bickel refers to as a double-helix cooling method.

If you aren’t sure about the temperature, watch the orange control lamp. It shows you when the heater is on or off. Read all instructions thoroughly. You really can get a nasty burn.

Rating the Plenty by Storz & Bickel

Only rarely does anyone buy this unit and come away dissatisfied. It’s no mystery that the Plenty is no portable pocket vaporizer, yet it is light and comfortable in your hand. T

his is a whip style vaporizer unlike the balloon style Volcano, but they each have their fans. Herbs are fully and evenly vaporized. It is sturdy and impressive. Someone wrote that the Plenty is discrete, but that does not make sense. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

The thing is you will be using this in your house where discretion doesn’t matter. Vape using whatever device you like whenever you like. Only portable vaporizers need to be stealthy (“need” being based on the consumer’s tolerance for strange and suspicious looks). The Plenty is quiet and efficient as you would expect from German engineering.

Where Can Consumers Buy One?

Buy the Plenty from the Storz & Bickel American site based in Oakland, California. A few authorized re-sellers also carry them online for the same price as Storz & Bickel offers. Just be sure they are authorized so as to secure the 3-year warranty. That will cover you if there are any problems with malfunctioning electronics.

The Plenty Vaporizer
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