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Not even two years ago, it would have seemed unorthodox for a vapor shop to sell an herbal vaporizer, as though this sort of device and an e liquid pen should occupy different parts of the vaping universe. Today’s vaper is wise to the fact that these products share a lot in common. The Orbit changed things for consumers: today they can buy both types of devices from one store: Vaporfi.

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Introducing the Vaporfi Orbit

E cigs are vaporizers too — electronic devices that use batteries to heat materials without burning them. But as a nicotine delivery system goes, the Orbit differs from a Rebel or Rocket because it uses herbal material instead of e liquid. You can enjoy the genuine taste and aroma of smoking without the smoke.

Vaporfi Orbit

The Orbit herbal vaporizer is built with a chamber where herbs are stored after they are ground and tamped down lightly about three-quarters of the way up. Do not overfill herbs or stuff this 1.7-ml chamber without grinding the tobacco leaves of your choice. It’s not hard to get the hang of this device by watching the tutorial posted on Vaporfi along side videos for all of their hardware.


Features of the Vaporfi Orbit Herbal Vaporizer

Lock and unlock the Orbit for safety using the single button which does everything. Why would you want to keep it locked? Like cigarettes, a vaporizer’s charm is magnetic to children. Keep them safe by preventing them from activating the heating chamber.

Also, remember that if you could turn on a vaporizer by accident, it could heat up and burn you or the pocket you keep it in, all the while using up battery power without a good reason to.

How to Operate the Orbit

Select a black or red and black Orbit. Vaporfi’s herbal device is an all-in-one vapor system with a built-in battery rated 2200 mAh. This means you cannot take out the battery when it finally fails to charge. Plug the whole thing into a USB outlet using the charging cable supplied. A wall adapter can also be purchased separately from the kit which costs $99.99.

In case you were wondering about the significance of a 2200-mAh battery, most mini cig cells are rated less than 200 mAh, up to 280 mAh if you’re lucky (around 3 to 4 hours). A Vaporfi Air offers 350 mAh (about 4 to 6 hours) and the Pro starts at 650 mAh (half a day to a full day if you vape lightly). As you can imagine, 2200 mAh supplies the means to vape for a long time when the battery is fully charged or you can set the heat high (there are three settings.)

When the light changes color, you can tell what temperature you have arrived at. Keep it clean and this will help you prevent burning herbs. A kit also contains a cleaning brush, replacement mesh filters, and more silicone mouth covers. Those covers are included for your own good: at its highest temperature you could burn your mouth on the mouthpiece without using one.

For Herbs Only

Remember never to use anything except herbs with the Vaporfi Orbit. The company might be known for its e liquid, but you will have to buy herbs at some other site for now (try one of many Florida vapor shops). There is no indication that Vaporfi plans to carry herbs any time soon. Don’t try to fill this device with essential oil or wax.

For A Limited Time Longer

The Orbit is on its way out. VaporFi has offered it on sale for months. Even though customers all rate it at 5-stars – at least according to what I see posted, and that’s based on over 170 reviews – the Orbit will still be leaving VaporFi shelves as soon as they can sell the last one. If you want a cheap vaporizer ($99), now is the time to get one. VaporFi is still there to help you troubleshoot if you have questions and their online videos make it easy to operate their herbal machine.

An Orbit is simple to operate. Press one large, tactile button on the front and puff from the removable mouthpiece. Herbs are packed into a 1.7-ml chamber under the mouthpiece after they have been ground for more efficient vaporizing.

A built-in 2200mAh battery keeps you in vapor for a few hours with every charge. Recharge using the USB cable provided. An adapter is available separately. VaporFi also supplies cleaning tools, filters, and mouthpiece covers with their kit.

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Vaporfi Orbit Review
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