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Do not be fooled by fakes: Trippy Stix frauds are out there. They abound, in fact, if the Trippy Stix website is correct. Do they refer to actual knock-offs or just a lot of competitors’ products (or perhaps both)? The website isn’t that helpful in this respect. In fact, it is not helpful, period.

therealtrippystix.comThe Trippy Stix Website

Their online presentation lacks a lot to be desired. It comes off as half-cocked and a little, well, spaced-out (like the outer-space background). While you can buy that customers of other companies’ products (Micro G, Pax, Volcano, etc.) are really vaporizing as an alternative to smoking, you could well imagine the makers of Trippy Stix are vaporizing something else. That is why they are trippy.

What materials can one use in the Trippy Stix tank? Are these designed for use with thick oils or with dry herbs? How does one control the device? I wanted so much more information and came away wondering where it would come from. I was thankful that reviewers tried out the pen and shared a lot of information which was not forthcoming on the company website. What is Flash Restock? Trippy Stix should wonder why prospective clients have to find their information elsewhere.

Whether their device is any good is unrelated to their online presentation, however, just so you know. Reviews have been excellent for this product from San Francisco, California.

A Trippy Stix Review

In fact, customers are quite happy with the colorful selection and eGo style of their pen vaporizer. The Trippy Stix design is not as new as some others; the company seems to be among those that paved the way for the revolution in portable vaporizers. Vapor is thick and the chamber heats up quickly: about 5 seconds. If Trippy Stix could change one thing apart from their website, it would be their short (90-day) warranty.

The small coil was also an issue. One user suggests that Trippy Stix users keep theirs clean. It’s not like some that need only an irregular brush through. Keep a careful eye on the Trippy Stix coil and use the cleaning supplies included regularly. There’s no video online to show how to clean it, but the Trippy Stix is similar to many models and brands that would be cleaned in a similar fashion.

Unique Feature

Competition is heating up, but marketing teams have their strategies for enticing new customers. Did your last purchase of a vaporizer pen leave you longing for a full-sized device? Was it so poorly made you decided never to spend $80 dollars on another pen every again?

To change your mind, Trippy Stix runs a Trade-In program. Send your old pen in and get 60% off a purchase of their device. That’s a big discount and a smart idea. Maybe they are not that Trippy after all. You can still own a light, wireless, attractively bright or stealthy device and be glad you made the purchase.

Some Designs and Models from Trippy Stix

There are a lot of product colors and patterns to choose from. Headings show the Trippy Stix 2.0, Rare Drop Series, Mini Sticks, and Baby Stix.

Their Rare Drop Series features the Galaxy Gun Metal, High Society, W420 (yellow and green), chrome and blue, the Pink Dolphin, and an all-gold model. Presumably “Rare Drop” means “original and vivid.”

To operate the basic device, remove its cap, fill the chamber then replace the cap. Button-press activation is powered by a rechargeable battery. Each device will provide between 400 and 800 puffs depending on how heavy your draws are. Receive 4 tips, a vapor chamber, and USB.

The Stix 2.0 Gold (titanium) costs $89.99 and has the look of something a CEO would use. It charges from the bottom and can be used as a pass-through device. This means you can charge and vape at the same time. It features titanium parts except the gold metal tip.

A Baby Trippy Stix features their new 2.0 chamber and a two-piece chamber. This breaks in the center for easy application and is small enough to be truly discrete.

Other designs include the Elephant Print and Black Magic gold and titanium. Trippy Stix carry clothing and accessories to go with their vaporizing products.

Out of all these designs there is one for your outlandish cousin, the boss, mom, your best friend, and everyone else you know who is into this kind of thing.

Mini Stix

Buy the Mini Stix package and you receive wipes, a charger, the pen top, cloth, hard tips in two sizes, chrome tips, and the LA Blue Flat tip. It is colored ivory and gold: very sharp. Being called a “Mini” this must be smaller than the others though that’s not clear. Readers could do with some measurements or a picture showing how devices stack up against each other.

Sizing them Up

Overall there is not really much between Trippy Stix, the Micro G, and some of the other vaporizer pens starting to enter the market. Their prices are roughly the same: under $100 but more than $60 depending on the size and what materials the chamber will be filled with.

Each Trippy Stix vaporizer pen is quiet to use, not like a noisy tabletop vaporizer built with a fan for convection purposes. Trippy Stix has been around longer than many others and their product looks beautiful. The many colors available only add to their appeal. Being easy to use is also a plus. There is very little set up. Just enjoy vaping and the benefits of a clean way of enjoying essential oils.


Trippy Stix
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