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Tronic aims to bring quality to the e juice table, something the owners feel has been lacking. In their opinion, vapers rely on low-quality stuff to get their nicotine fix or enjoy vaping variety. There has been more demand than decent selection, but vapers know what to look for.

They can insist on vaping 100% USP pharmacy-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, 99.9% pure pharmacy-grade nicotine, and USA-made e juice. Tronic supplies 6 types of e juice, all of them independently tested by a third party. Many bear apocalyptic or sinister names and images attached to them.

Tronic Vape e juiceSins, Catastrophes, and Clowns

In my eyes, the last of these is the most terrifying and at Tronic they play on this strangely common phobia. Crazy 8 Clowns flavors all feature the evil, painted, be-wigged features of circus entertainers. Evil Clown is the face of Kettle Corn while his circus brother, Bozo, is the poster child for Salt Water Taffy.

Chiller refrigerated juices come in flavors like Plazma (apple, grape, and pomegranate) and nicotine strengths from 0 to 9 mg by increments of 3 mg. You know the 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth, Vanity, etc. Generally speaking, one could come away from the e juice pages of Tronic Vape feeling hopeless about the fate of mankind and perplexed by the juxtaposition of deadly imagery with sweet flavors. I will say this: you pay a lot for paranoia and despair: $12.99 per 15 ml.

Hardware Unknowns

I was also a little uncertain about the hardware they chose in several instances. While Smok, Innokin, and Kanger are obvious winners, what is a KLuv? Why would I buy one of these when I could choose a familiar brand? What is the SMY 23000 Mod or an Ice Cig?

Find what you want using the Featured, On Sale, Top Rated, and New headings or go by hardware category. The Tronic Kit in 4 colors contains one full e cig. The KLuv Slim is a 380-mAh, 1.3-ml combo for $19.99. A high-powered 18650 SMY S2000 mod (priced $99.99) features 510 compatible threading.

Mods and Vaporizers

Here you will find the Chi You clone for $39.99, a Kryptonite, Kultura LE (who?) and the MVP ($69.99). When they talk about vaporizers, Tronic means herbal or oil vaporizers. A Snoop Dogg G-Pen and Titan are among the items sold here. In the shop you can find more selection.


Tronic is an all-purpose vape store with drip tips, tanks, and batteries. The Mini Protank, eGo K batteries, and Tumbler Tanks are in their catalogue. Choose football or basketball drip tips, a White Beard Pirate tank, CE5, or a wrap for your device.

Tronic Vape Review

The aspect I dislike is also what I like about Tronic. You’re going to find names here you may have never heard of so it’s kind of risky, but also slightly thrilling.

Tronic Vape
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