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Vaporizers are made all over the country, but numerous companies seem to be concentrated in California. Vape Clouds, however, comes from Jacksonville, Florida, where they bring the best brands of vaporizers to customers around the United States. Shop for items by their brand or model, price, or according to the style you want. They won’t be biased in favor of local boys.

Vaporizer Styles

Desktop and portable are the two main styles of vaporizer customers are looking for. Sub-headings for these are pen-style and digital. Customers are also on the lookout for herbal, wax, essential oil, or 3-in-1 vaporizers, and sometimes e liquid pens (two of which feature here).

VapeClouds.comBrands and Models

The major brands (or sometimes models) on the market today include Arizer, Magic Flight, Storz and Bickel, and Iolite. Atmos, VaporBlunt, and Vapir are also popular. If a brand is not listed on the left sidebar, Vape Clouds might still carry it.


Another way to look for goods is to specify a price range. If you cannot spend more than $19.99, look within that price range. All you will find are accessories, so add $40 or more and your prospects look better. Most pens are priced under $100 but a lot of quality portable vaporizers cost $120 or more. The Magic Flight Launch Box, just as an example, sells for $119.

Good Business, Bad English

I know this is a multi-cultural country where people from all over the world come in search of a better life than they could have enjoyed in their old homes, but when you run a website in America the English should be comprehensible. Vape Clouds mistakes are more than small grammatical gaffs anyone could make. At times, sentences make little or no sense.

Since this is a retail business, Vape Clouds has to get the writing part straightened out. There aren’t as many vaporizer companies as e cig companies selling products in the United States, but there are still enough to deprive Vape Clouds of their share and customers know it. They don’t have to labor over wording elsewhere.

Vape Clouds Review

I mentioned that you can shop by price, and I’m impressed to see that pricing is fair. You might find a few cheaper products from another company, but few companies offer as much variety. You can buy an Atmos Zig Zag, which appears to blend two famous brands into one 3-in-1 pen resembling others you might have seen. If not for the 510 threading, I’d think this was a Pro Series 3 knock off. The Atmos Zig Zag costs $79.99 with a 1.8% nicotine cartridge, ceramic heating chamber, chamber connector, screens, tools, etc.

The Vapir Rise tabletop vaporizer costs $249.99. This is the one with digital controls all around the base and a rising vase-shaped middle.

Box mods by Hot Box, Easy Vape, et al, cost between 189.99 and 229.99. They are a mixture of analog and digital products. Digital vaporizers reach more precise temperature settings than analog mods.

The Phantom looks like a copy of the Volcano by Storz and Bickel. It adopts the same volcanic shape but for ¼ the price of a Volcano Digit. Fuji Technology created this digital forced air balloon vaporizer for herbs.

Comparing Sites

I’ve visited a lot of sites and seen what sets the good apart from the okay. Vape Clouds is going to do fine once language issues are cleared up. The site is intuitively designed and friendly. Next to each item an icon tells you if it works with herbs, wax, or essential oils.

But there are online superstores that do more than sell your stuff. They also educate their viewers about vaporizers (learn more about vaporizers here on our main post). With their educational insights, customers gain the knowledge to help them understand the differences that contribute to higher or lower prices, such as glass on glass air pathways, stainless steel casing, and ceramic heating chambers. Adding the educational feature would turn this good website into a great one.

Vape Clouds
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