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Vape World really does feel like one part online retailer, one part vaping planet. Their website lists products but also leads customers to educational headings so they can explore all manner of vaping-related subjects.

Discover the different types of heating methods and materials. Uncover the history of vaping and the development of portable vaporizers. Discover some “Staples of the Industry.”

Use their “Buying Guide” to help you find the right vaporizer for your personal needs, or maybe two. Visit Vape World on social media, hold a live virtual “conversation” with one of their sales reps, fax the company, or email them for more information.

Vape World BBB A+Accreditation

Vape World is also distinguished from many other vaporizer retailers by being BBB-accredited. Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau is voluntary: many firms get rated but are not accredited.

By choosing to pay their subscription, Vape World also shows an interest in being responsible and accountable to the industry and their clients. When a company looks as good as Vape World, they make other firms look good too.

vapeworld.comGo Shopping: Vape World Review

I love the way their website breaks the shopping list down so you can look for products in whatever way suits your knowledge and interest. When you first look for a product, it might be owing to a verbal recommendation. From that conversation you remember just one thing: the price, the model name, the fact that a device was portable or for stationary use, or perhaps even the brand.

Vape World divides each section into various possible headings; various different ways to find what you are looking for. Under Vaporizers, choose portable or tabletop devices, Vape World favorites, items on sale, or top-rated vaporizers. From there, select a brand, model, or price range (in $100 increments.) Brands include 7th Floor, Ploom, and Storz and Bickel.

Searching for parts is easier. Choose the model or brand and look under price headings, but of course you are searching for pieces to go with a model you already own. There’s no guesswork there. The biggest section is for wand sets and screens with 24 items.

Accessories are divided pretty much the same way. Choose a brand (Aerospace, Iolite, Magic Flight, etc.) Pick a category like grinders (19 items), case (8), storage containers, cleaners, presses, butane, and more. As you can see, a number next to each sub-heading indicates how many there are of each type of accessory or part.

Finally, there are Aromatic Blends. Most vaporizer companies, whether dedicated or general, do not carry these. Vape World has saved you a world of effort. Choose a 12-blend sampler pack or one of 14 individual herbs. They include sage, raspberry, lemon balm, and wild lettuce.

Be thankful, too, that the photography on this website is exceptional. Items are depicted from multiple angles (use the zoom tool) and in full color. The entire website is professional, clean, and highly readable (as compared with some which use strange fonts, dark colors, and poor photography).

Vape World ProductsModels at Vape World

As you can imagine by the sheer number of headings, there are also many types of vaporizers sold at Vape World. They have limited their selection, however, to include only models the company feels are worth sharing with the public. Each vaporizer purchased will be sent with a free grinder.

Models include the Magic Flight Launch Box, PAX by Ploom, The Plenty, Volcano, and Arizer Solo. While the list is extensive, Vape World refrains from carrying anything and everything. They are choosy about what they sell.

That’s because there are models the public has already weighed-in on or have tried that routinely burn the herbs instead of vaporizing them, have chronic electronic problems, don’t hold a charge, or are even dangerous to use.

If you discover that the vaporizer you want is out of stock, Vape World’s customer service staff could help you to find something similar so you do not walk away empty-handed until your desired model is back in stock.

Why Shop with Vape World?

This is one of their headings at the Learning Center. Why indeed? There are plenty of vaporizer companies to choose from and many retail outlets as well.

As vaporizers become more visible and acceptable (not always associated with smoking marijuana but as an alternative to smoking), there is less need to buy them online out of the public eye.

Vape World offers free shipping on all orders over $48. Their lineup includes many exclusive products. Vape World is committed to their price match guarantee: if you find something they sell that you find elsewhere for a cheaper price, tell them where you saw that price. They will match it if they haven’t already matched or beaten it.

Most products come with a free gift. Their support team helps clients 7 days a week. Shipping is fast, efficient, and discrete. If you place your order during a business day before the last post, it will be shipped that day. Vape World is highly professional, not a firm that’s going to disappear with your money.

Vape World accepts payment by Paypal and credit card via their secure website. They promise satisfaction to their clients and guarantee quality service.

Do you need more reasons to shop with Vape World? Maybe you can walk down the street and pick up a vaporizer at a shop. If you can’t do this, online shopping is convenient but risky.

Will you get the warranty on a product? What about selection? Retailers have only so much room to stock items so they have to limit what they carry. Vape World’s warehouse permits them to house items in greater numbers to prevent customers’ disappointment.

They are also at the forefront when new models are released. Maybe the last version of a product looks great, but a new one is right around the corner. Once it’s out, Vape World will be among the first to carry it.

On the order page they make it easy to upgrade your purchase too by adding extra parts the business knows you will eventually require. Vape World makes shopping for a vaporizer convenient in every way.

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