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If you can buy a desktop box-style vaporizer for $100, do you really need to spend more? What is so special about a product for it to capture $450? In this VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer review, you will see that the device is better than many, though perhaps not as good as the best, and that is exactly where the price puts it: somewhere in between.

Not the King, Maybe a Duke

The VapeXhale’s logo is a cloud wearing a crown. Crowning this company as the king of vapes would be going too far however; consider a lower rank. This new rendition of their award winning Cloud EVO is built to contain three elements the company has sought patents for. First is the Perpetuheat. Second is the Hydratube. The third is an EZ Load bowl.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Fast and Light

Like a sprinter, the Cloud EVO is fast and light. But it also bears many hallmarks of an endurance runner. In particular, individuals with breathing problems should consider this a contender as they scan shelves for an ideal medicinal vaporizer.


This particular brand took time to create a professional-looking website to gain them entry into the minds of people looking for more than a way to smoke or a means for getting high without combustion. The Cloud EVO could improve the quality of life for a consumer who feels as though spending close to $500 (with accessories) is warranted.

Vaporization Method

Use the direct-draw method, hands-free vaping with ground-glass, or start the fan and fill a balloon. These are the three main ways to operate a vaporizer; all of them part of the Cloud EVO system. Any glass in this unit is made from German borosilicate — a sturdy variety and inert for untainted vapor.

Exploring Piece by Piece

Go back to those patent-pending items: the Hydratube, EZ Bowls, and Pepetuheat. A Hydratube adds moisture to the dry mouthpiece which comes as standard with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. You don’t need it, but vapor can feel dry in some sensitive throats otherwise.

Perpetuheat is a fast-acting heating element which provides consistent power. The coil will not break down, beginning to fail you after many months of use. Set controls using the dial and expect to experience the level of heat you select. Without a screen to show whether the heating element has been successful, one cannot be entirely sure of the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. But after playing around, you will know which point on the knob yields a successful experience for each material.

Controls are reportedly precise (of course, that’s VapeXhale saying as much). Anyone can flick a switch on and off and turning a dial is child’s play, so anyone can use the Cloud EVO. Of course it’s important to read instructions, but anyone who has ever used a vaporizer will know immediately what to do.

The “on” light turns red to indicate it is time to fill the Hydratube if you are planning to add water. Fill an EZLoad bowl about half the way up with ground plant material. A green light says it is time to start vaping. Alternatively, add a dab of wax to the nail. Should you experience any problems, customer service at VapeXhale should be prepared to help: the team is reportedly very good at helping their customers.

Value in the Details

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a superb performer. Vapor comes out tasting pure and thick, thanks to that excellent Perpetuheat system. A number of accessories are available, enabling clients to shape their vaping experience to taste. Medicinal users can trust their vapor not to cause more harm than good because the company uses high-quality, high-cost materials such as glass and high-grade stainless steel.

The $450 price tag might seem like an overkill, but only if that’s so of other units. Taking the device apart you will probably be surprised at the simplicity of even this fabulous vaporizer. It’s not the prettiest on the market (unbroken black, not even a screen for contrast), but the Cloud EVO does its job whether you vape for pleasure or to battle a serious health care issue.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO
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