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The NO2 by California vaporizer company Vapir is different from so many other vaporizers on the market. It looks different and features a variety of great elements that make it desirable, practical, and fun. Consumers will probably love or hate the shape and size of it. Think of the Storz and Bickel Plenty: a corded but handheld device. The N02 has one feature the Plenty does not, though: the capacity to go cordless. It’s also a lot more affordable.

Vapir NO2With or Without Cords

Vapir’s N02 is not really like anything else on the market right now. Other handheld items are usually small enough to fit in your pocket and can be concealed with no problem. Tabletop vaporizers are too big to hold and must sit on a table. The Vapir NO2 sits in the middle between portable and desktop units, being light and easy to use manually but too large for a pocket or a purse.

It is probably going to remind you of a microphone in size, color, and design with its slightly bulbous shape at the top which is fitting because microphones can also be used with or without a cord.

One only needs to recharge the internal battery to use it wirelessly. A car adapter is included in the kit sent out by Vapir. When you want constant power or to conserve your battery, plug it in again. When you are at home, plugging in the cord is advisable. Mains electricity provides constant power and doesn’t have to be recharged. Batteries do. When yours runs out it will have to be replaced for an extra cost.

Switches, Buttons, and Bulbs

The Vapir N02 features three buttons plus a power switch on the side which one slides to turn the device on and off. Once on, the crisp blue LED screen will show a default temperature.

Users press the + and — buttons to raise or lower this number and then press a big red button below these two. When they do this a small bulb above the screen turns red. This tells the user that the heating chamber has been activated and is currently heating up. Once that turns green the desired temperature has been reached and you can start vaping.

It all looks so much like a prop from Star Wars: sleek, futuristic, bright, and beautiful. Your friends will want to talk about it with you, maybe even share, but that’s going to be difficult. It’s not really made for sharing. The shape and style is wrong and the chamber is too small to lightly pack in enough herbs to pass the N02 around.

NO2 KitIn the Kit

Vapir also sends out two bamboo cleaning sticks, a brush, and two mouthpieces to go with the N02 so you can keep it clean and change mesh screens. Regular cleaning is demonstrated on their website using a video and is also highly advised so the top cap fastens properly.

Customers are also advised not to overfill the machine as this will make it difficult to close the N02 properly. If you want a grinder for free, shop with one of the authorized retailers carrying this device.

You will find this is carried by companies preferring high quality products, not just any old cheap rubbish, but retailers besides Vapir often add extra incentives to encourage customers to shop with them and clients stil get the warranty.

Green Machine

On various websites, companies tell you more about the Vapir NO2 than the makers do, for instance indicating that they used green technology in some way. What does this mean? It’s not clear if they are referring to the materials or efficient heating, but it’s a tantalizing description.

Vapir NO2 Review

You would have to search for bad reviews of the Vapir NO2 and really want to find them. Vaporizer experts and customers agree that this is an unusual but efficient and attractive item. Although the herb chamber has recently been enlarged, it could still be a little bit larger. The N02 heats up quickly for personal use but can’t be used with groups, not comfortably.

A price of $149.99 is excellent for the technology and features like temperature memory and safety shut-off. If you set the temperature to 365F today, the memory will take you back to that temperature. The N02 looks clean, apparently runs “green,” and operates smoothly using convection heating.

If you vaporize herbs an N02 will provide everything except a discrete way to vape. For that you want a truly portable item like the PAX, but this is cheaper and still an excellent product.

Vapir NO2
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