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Florida is well-stocked with e cig companies and another one to consider if you are online or in South Florida is Vapor Life USA. They operate out of several locations and online, making this one of the major e cig dealers in the region. Here’s a look at what they carry.

Starter Kits: E Cigs and Vaporizers

First, you should know that Vapor Life USA runs a middle course between e cigs and vaporizers. Although both types of products vaporize materials, vaporizers heat herbs, wax, and essential oils. Vapor Life appears to have a commercial relationship with Atmos considering how often that name pops up.

Their Atmos Optimus X starter kit contains a battery, tank, and USB charger for $20. Buy the Atmos Bullet 2-Go for dry herbs and wax with a battery, USB charger, and cartridge for $35. They carry disposable Atmos e hookah pens for $6 (disposables are often “starter” products). In later sections, there are more Atmos goods to choose from.

A JoyeTech C Twist 1000-mAh kit contains a tank, battery, and charger while the Vapor Life USA starter features 2 full eGo cigs with a case and lanyard for $60. Their starter kit selection is decent.

Vapor Life USA ModsMore Mods

More than anything, Vapor Life favors mods. While they can get you started with a basic device, this is where their heart truly seems to be. Find clones and authentic devices under the same heading with a sprinkling of drip tips and accessories throughout.

The Copper Penny contains 1/3-lb copper and costs $70. For just $5 more, you could buy an Akuma 26650 clone or a Black Hawk Panzer Mod Clone. The GP Custom mod is $250: that’s an authentic, serialized product. So is the ATB Dual 18350 Mini wood box mod for $300.

If your budget is somewhat lower than any of these prices, the Bolt costs $30 or stretch to the K101 for $60.


Vapor Life also carries a considerable list of RBAs and RDAs for enthusiasts. Try the Russian 91% ($135), Igo-F RBA ($30), or TOBH Atty costing $125. A CLT Hybrid RDA is $40. They have the Patriot RDA for $50, but the Prometheus is priced 4 times that price.


You are sure to find the Aspire Nautilus in every list of quality tanks. The Mini version is priced $35 here, but a clone of their glassomizer is priced $25. Try the Kanger Aerotank, a favorite unit costing $30. Select a polymer-sided full clearo tank for $15. They have a Smok Tumbler rebuildable tank and more. If you prefer wax over e liquid, the Yo-Zap wax attachment by Yocan is $35.

E Liquid Menu

Vapor Life has selected many top names in e liquid to offer their clients. These include Space Jam, Legend, Cape Fear Juice, and Ruthless. They have Mr. GoodVape and others, each one made in the United States or Canada.

VaporLifeUSA.comVapor Life USA Review

I was impressed with how seldom anything was out of stock. Some lists are littered with that annoying little sign, but not these lists. A few items are more difficult to keep in stock because they were made in limited numbers, so that’s understandable.

It is interesting that they sell so many accessories and products for wax and herb vaporizers. This reinforces the reality that e cigs and vaporizers have plenty in common. Many of the batteries used by e liquid vapers are perfectly capable of vaporizing those other materials, especially variable voltage mods.

With that said, why isn’t the Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 on this list or any of the other APVs that permit the herb or e liquid user to scroll through voltage options which adjust temperature? Perhaps it will be added later. Their closest concession is a Twist battery, but this doesn’t go up to 6 volts.

Whatever they carry is priced reasonably. I miss the many intermediate products which many customers opt for prior to buying mechanical mods.


Vapor Life USA
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