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An independent country has its own language, government, currency, and Gross Domestic Product. Vapor Nation has their own language and GDP, and they are also self-governing as all companies are. A glossary at the back will help you with the strange language of vaping if you are new to it (forced air, whips, heating chambers, and wands). Use their website to interpret the unfamiliar terms which will help you make some decisions.

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VaporNation.comVaporizers at Vapor Nation

All of the products listed on this site are quality items. They include brands such as Puffit, Vapir Rise, Magic Flight, 7th Floor, and Storz and Bickel. If you do not see a brand you want there is an option to look up more. There is a huge selection of box mods, tabletop machines, and portable vaporizers.

Buyer Guide

A new vaper cannot be faulted for not understanding the market at first. Where there were just a few choices in the early days, around two decades ago, today there are so many models that you need a guide to help you follow the trail without going in circles. The Vapor Nation Buyer Guide is an excellent website feature that will make shopping painless.

You will be asked a few easy questions. Do you want a desktop model or a portable vaporizer? Answer this first then you will be led to question #2. Will you be using herbs, waxes, or oils? Finally, would you like a whip style, forced-air, or dual-mode device? After making your selections the computer comes up with one, two, multiple, or zero options. Whittle your list down and save yourself an hour.

How to Select

That is one way to choose your product. Another is to start by setting a budget. Then you can look up products that fall within your range: up to $100, $100 to $200, $200 to $300, or $300 and above. You will be surprised at how many models fall into the first category. If anyone thinks there should be more “cheap” stuff, beware: a number of shady companies are selling cheap items which look like authentic brands but don’t work and could be dangerous if they are wired incorrectly.

Select the newest product, digital items, discounted, pen-style, portable, or top-rated devices. Other headings are “whip style,” “forced air,” “oil vaporizers” and more. A forced air vaporizer pushes vapor into your lungs. You have to suck on a whip-style device.

If you know that a brand is excellent or it has been recommended to you, look up products according to brand. Others not listed above include Vaporite, Pinnacle, and Vaporfection.

Top models include the Vapir N02, Palm 2.0, Indica, DaVinci, Easy Vape 5, and Arizer Solo. Some not listed under “top models” are pens like the Atmos Raw, Dube, and Kandy Pens Skycloud.

Under “Parts” they list items by brand or purpose. For example, consumers frequently require scales and grinders (if they use dry ingredients). Vapor Nation sells cases, aromatherapy products, and loads of other pieces you will find essential.

Grinders come in 2- and 4-pc. kits, are made of wood, metal, or acrylic, but you get one free if you buy a vaporizer. Purchase of $150 or more come with a free gift. Shipping is always free from this retailer in Southern California.

Aromatherapy Materials

These are your oils and herbs which the vaporizer heats to a high enough temperature so as to release vapor. Vapor Nation carries 19 oils, most of them in the $10 to $20 range. Their 4 herbal products are lobelia, mullein, red clover, and spearmint.

Easy for Customers around the World

If Vapor Nation was a country they would be the center of a United Nation of Vaping. They sell to customers who pay in several currencies and your shopping experience can be set to one of four currencies. Click on US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.

Customer service is also available twenty-four hours each day, seven days a week to make allowances for all of these time differences. Live online chatting is another customer service feature.

Overall Vapor Nation Review

With the sheer volume of information and products listed at Vapor Nation this could be the most cumbersome website you will ever encounter. On the contrary: they have it so well organized you will be surprised at the ease with which you find yourself locating products or resources.

It’s amazing that they even have room for learning and videos. Its photography, organization, consistency, and general presentation are professional and accessible. Rather than making you feel as though you are entering some kind of online den of iniquity (as many dark and mysterious websites can make one feel), consumers will feel welcome and safe.

Their prices are competitive. The catalogue contains products with positive reputations, each one fully described. Your shopping experience will be enjoyable whether you are completely new to vaporizers or an old hand.

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